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请注意,若询问区分与内容不同时, 需要重新制定新的负责人,所以得到答复需要一定的时间。

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Agreement Form for the Collection, Usage and the Providing of Personal Information

1. The Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

Samsung Electro-Mechanics collects and uses your personal information for the purpose stated below and will not be used for any other purposes. In case the purpose of collecting and using personal information is altered, we will inform you of the changes and receive your agreement.

2. Personal Information We Collect

Personal Information We Collect
Purpose of Collection Required Information Information upon choice
Membership ID, Company e-mail, Country, Name, Company/ Organization Department/ Job title
请求报价 Name, E-mail, Company/ Organization, Country, Phone number City, Department, Phone number
申请样品 County, Name, E-mail, Company/ Organization, Phone number City, Department, Phone number
Community Usage ID, Company e-mail, Country, Name, Company/ Organization Department/ Job title

- Information automatically collected: IP (Internet Protocol), Cookies

※ You have the right deny that we collect and use your personal information. In disagreement of collecting minimum information, you may have limited access to the services and information you are requesting.

3. Terms of Retention and Usage of Personal Information

In principle your information will be immediately destroyed upon achievement of purpose of collecting personal information. However, the information may be retained for one year to verify the details sent out to you. Also, we may preserve personal information past the retention or usage period if “we must preserve based on different legislations”.


※ 你的成员将接受新产品发布会,展览会,研讨会,三星电机的科技新闻会送你定期。