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Samsung Electro-Mechanics selects 2021 Samsung Master and Maestro

Registration Date

1 Master selected in the area of equipment following last year’s selection in manufacturing technology
Samsung Electro-Mechanics nominated Park Woonyoung, Head of Circuit Board Sejong Equipment Technology Group, for the “Samsung Master” and awarded him the “Master” certification trophy at the kick-off meeting for the year.
The “Samsung Master” is a certification policy that was implemented last year for the first time and selects the best experts in the area of manufacturing, which requires technological expertise and know-how, with at least 20 years of experience. This year, Master Park Woonyoung, who has led the overall innovation of circuit board equipment, including equipment modification and improvement, and optimization design, while working in the area of circuit board equipment for 33 years, was selected.

In particular, through circuit board wet equipment (which refers to the overall equipment used for etching and development using chemicals) process innovation and new technology development, Master Park Woonyoung contributed to the improvement of micro-circuit process technology and contributed to product performance and quality improvement.
Moreover, by constructing equipment sharing lines across circuit board products, he optimized manufacturing efficiency, and by using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, he developed a prediction system for faulty equipment, leading equipment innovation through endless technological development.


1 Maestro selected in equipment and 2 selected in manufacturing technology

The Maestro Policy is a semi-Master award that nominates experts with at least 15 years of experience in the manufacturing-related area.
This year, Maestros Jang Dongik, who contributed to the strengthening of MLCC molding and printing equipment competitiveness, Huh Munseok, who contributed to the differentiation of FCBGA (Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array, PC circuit board) circuit technology, and Lee Hyunchul, who is an expert in clean technology, were nominated.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to improve its technological competitiveness in the manufacturing area and nurture the best technological experts.



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