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Samsung Electro-Mechanics hosts 2021 kick-off meeting for the year

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On January 7, Samsung Electro-Mechanics hosted its kick-off meeting for the new year.
This year’s kick-off meeting was carried out in the form of Thursday Talk, a communication program between management and employees.
'Thursday Talk' is hosted every Thursday and is a time when management, including CEO Kyung Kyehyun and other heads of business, and employees communicate in an open and free environment.
The kick-off meeting for the year brought together three business locations in Korea, including Suwon, Sejong, and Busan, virtually and was carried out online, and the meeting took the form of a video, awards ceremony, and new year’s message.

Through his new year’s message titled, “Let us start our new journey in 2021”, CEO Kyung Kyehyun promised to begin the new year of 2021 by "endeavoring to create a company with sustainable growth by strengthening technological leadership and innovating manufacturing capabilities”.
First, CEO Kyung Kyehyun commented, “We thank all of our employees who showed their very best despite the COVID-19 pandemic last year and hope that this year will be a time when we create our foundation to grow into the “highest growth company” of 2021 through endless challenges, confidence, and uncertainty".
Going forward, he said, “In order to continue to grow sustainably, we need to have the growth mindset to change and harness the confidence to be successful in any crisis,” and added, “Going forward, let us work with the belief that the happiness of our clients will ultimately come back to us in the form of greater happiness”.
Lastly, he mentioned, “Let us create Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ own unique organizational culture in which everyone is happy and wants to work together".  



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