Social Contribution History

Through active social contribution activities, all Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees put their best effort to make happy society by assisting and sharing love with local communities.

2017 04 Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ 12th National Badminton Championship of People with Disabilities
2016 12 Received Samsung Social Contribution Award
05 Opened the Global Youth Dream Center
2015 06 Ceremony of the construction of Global Youth Dream Center (Signed MOU in March 2015)
05 Local Community Service of Wall Painting with CEO
04 Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ 10th National Badminton Championship of People with Disabilities
2014 11 2nd Gyeonggi Honors Day Commendation for Sharing
7th National Disabled Students’ Concours Gala Concert (since 2008)
10 The 20th Samsung Global Volunteer Service Grand Festival
07 The 20th Summer Agricultural Volunteer Service (since 1995)
06 1st Regular Concert by ‘hello! SEM Orchestra' (Gyeonggi Arts Center)
05 Sejong City Mayor’s Commendation for Contribution to Children’s Day
04 Oryuk-do Island Maritime Environmental Protection Agreement.
03 Signed a Sister-Village MOU with the Yuyu Village of Buan, Jeonbuk.
2013 12 Awarded with the President’s prize in voluntary service business in Korea.
09 Given “The 3rd Sharing Happiness” award by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
08 Expanded twinning relationships with more villages in Kangwon province and Junra provinces.
05 Contracted an MOU with Kangneung Medical Clinic in Kangwon Province for free artificial joint surgery.
Sponsored the 10th anniversary of Samsung Day event in sister town, Togomi.
02 Opened the 4th and the 5th WooriDream center branches of the voluntary academic tutoring center sponsored by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
The company supported the provision of school uniforms for students in the low-income bracket.
2012 10 Study room, WooriDream Center, the 1st center opened.
Education volunteers launching ceremony.
07 Sponsor eco-friendly solar / water-conserving equipment to the children and facilities for persons with disabilities (Dongkwangwon / children’s facilities).
MOU with Chungcheongnam-do for free artificial joint surgery.
05 Creation of Disaster / Disaster Recovery Emergency Service Task Force (configure 1,100 volunteers in 3 work sites).
03 Awarded a commemorative plaque of appreciation for free artificial joint surgery with our 300th recipient (by Gyeonggi-do governor).
2010 12 Awarded by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration (Volunteering Korea).
08 “One Company for One Town” social contribution activity certificate (Korean Standards Association and National Agricultural Cooperative Federation).
2009 12 Awarded by Prime Minister for “One Company for One Town” social contribution activity (“I Love Farm” head office).
11 Awarded by Gyeonggi-do governor for an excellent company that supports the disabled (Kyungki-do Social Welfare Society for disabled people).
2008 09 Free artificial joint surgery business agreement with Chungcheongnam-do.
Held the first national music competition for students with disabilities.
2006 06 Held the first national badminton competition for persons with disabilities.
03 “One Company for One Town” program
01 Soup kitchen in Busan station for the unemployed (together with Korean National Red Cross).
2005 08 Started offering free artificial joint surgery (Suwon City, LCT Hospital)
The company offered free artificial joint replacement surgery to persons with disability in the low-income bracket
2004 11 Awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Urban–Rural Exchange Award selected by farmers).
2001 12 Done the 1st voluntary service that helps making Kimchi with local communities and sister town.
1996 02 Entire staff participating in donating activities.
1995 07 Launching of a social volunteering group.
Done volunteer activities for rural communities in summer