Recording Breaches of Security

Your courage and honesty will help SEMCO protect its core technology and management information more effectively, and also ensure the competitiveness of Korean industries and economy.

On this page, you can report breaches of security, particularly involving unauthorized disclosure of SEMCO’s core technologies and management information.

Rest assured that your report and identity will be kept strictly confidential.

How to report breaches of security :

  1. On the Web site: Report Security Breaches
  2. ② By e-mail :

Submit your reports and queries of any of the following categories, and our officers in charge will get in touch with you at the earliest possible time.

  • Ethical Management Menu ‘Report ’

    Report any acts of corruption, inequality, and bribery involving executives, employees, or both.
  • Compliance Program Menu ‘Report ’

    Report any acts or practices of unfair transactions and trade, unfair collusive behavior, or other violations or breaches of rules and codes applying to personnel management, intellectual properties, the natural environment, and safety.
  • SUPPORT Menu ‘Contact Us’

    receives queries regarding products, job openings, investor relations, marketing, etc.