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Samsung Electro-Mechanics to participate in KPCA show 2020


Samsung Electro-Mechanics will introduce printed circuit board (PCB) products at the "KPCA show 2020" exhibition held in Songdo Convensia, Incheon for three days from November 24 to 26.
KPCA show, the largest electronic circuits and packaging exhibition in Korea, will provide a variety of information on the rapidly growing electronic circuit industry and SMT industry.  



<Image source: The Korea Electronics Packaging and Circuit Association’s website>


Samsung Electro-Mechanics will introduce related products and technologies in the two categories of IT solutions and 5G solutions. To increase visitors' interest and understanding, we will exhibit video displays along with actual products.

Meanwhile, for visitors who are unable to visit the exhibition hall in person due to COVID-19, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will open the “Samsung Electro-Mechanics Online KPCA Exhibition Booth” on the company's official website. Please look forward to it.