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Training & Development

I. Behavioral Training

Behavioral Training(MC-EX: Mobile Culture Education Express) images
MC-EX: Mobile Culture Education Express
A weekly education inside the production process where HRT visits a group to educate and deepen our employees’ knowledge about the Samsung Core Values. Being conducted every Friday during production’s morning meeting.

II. Language Training

Language Training(On-Site Korean Language) images
On-Site Korean Language
A thrice-a-week Korean Language training open for Operator, Staff, Technician, Engineer, and Specialists. This training aims to develop Korean language proficiency conducted by External Trainer. This runs for a total of 80 hours.
Language Training(New Employees’ Korean Language) images
New Employees’ Korean Language
A Korean Language training for newly-hired engineers, being conducted from 5:30pm to 8:00pm for a total of 60 hours. TOPIK Level 4 passers are the assigned trainers for this program.
Language Training(EKL: Extensive Korean Language) images
EKL: Extensive Korean Language
Aims to provide a more extensive education on Korean Language for at least 15 Engineers and Specialists, once a year. For a total of 360 hours, participants shall attend the training in SEMPHIL, followed by 1 month class in Headquarters in Korea.
Language Training(TOPIK Review Class) images
TOPIK Review Class
A 20-hours review class for qualified TOPIK examiners, to help them prepare in passing their TOPIK test. Being conducted twice a year.
Language Training(Filipino Class) images
Filipino Class
Aims to support our Expatriates in learning the Filipino Language. This program runs for a total of 20 hours, being conducted on a weekly basis by external trainers.

III. Leadership Training

Leadership Training(Managers’ Teambuilding) images
Managers’ Teambuilding
An annual teambuilding activity for all Filipino and Korean Manager to improve camaraderie and teamwork of all Managers outside the Company, conducted every May which consists of Teambuilding activities and Dinner/ Special Presentation.
Leadership Training(Promotion Training) images
Promotion Training
An annual mandated leadership training to be offered and taken by Newly Promoted Employees from G2 Up levels. G2 and G3 being conducted by HRT, while G4 to G6 are being handled by our external training partners.
Leadership Training(Promotion Teambuilding) images
Promotion Teambuilding
Part of the newly-promoted training program where G2 and G3 will have the chance to work and play together through a one-day teambuilding outside the Company.
Leadership Training(NLTP: New Leaders’ Training Program) images
NLTP: New Leaders’ Training Program
Annual training for newly-assigned Field Leaders to enhance their leadership and decision-making skills. Conducted by HRT and Core Trainers, and supported by Team and Group Leaders as resource speakers.
Leadership Training(Leaders’ Booster) images
Leaders’ Booster
Annual training existing Field Leaders as supplemental course to improve communication, team spirit, and leadership styles. Conducted by HR Training every November at People’s Room.
Leadership Training(Leaders’ Camp) images
Leaders’ Camp
Combination of Teambuilding, Camping and Training spearheaded by HR Training annually for Process, Shift and Line Leaders outside the Company.
Leadership Training(QPM: Qualification of Production Manager) images
QPM: Qualification of Production Manager
Composed of common training for all managers and an internal (per group) training about the 6 qualifications: Machine Principles/ 5M1E/ Defect/ Measurement/ MPQA/ Communication.