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Step 1. Select Category of Inquiry

Step 2. Make Inquiry

When sending a request to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, please specify the type of your request, including the model or category of your product for a faster response.
A request that does not match its category may take longer to process, because another personnel has to be assigned to handle it.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics does not separately review idea proposals that had not requested by the company. This is in order to protect the idea of the proposer as well as prevent any misunderstanding or disputes that may occur with regards toanyproduct/technology/service developments completed or undertaken by Samsung Electro-Mechanics that may be similar in any aspect to the idea.

We ask for your understanding and ask that you do not submit any ideas as customer inquiries.If you are looking to submit a privacy request, please click here to submit a request through privacy.semco@samsung.com

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    • ※ Please take extra precaution when attaching a file if it contains your personal information.
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Consent to collection and use of personal information for service response to inquiries and requests (Required)

1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

Samsung Electro-Mechanics collects and uses your personal information to be used for the purpose of providing inquiry and request services. Where required by applicable local law, we will obtain your consent prior to disclosing, selling, trading, or renting your personal data to a third party. If our purpose of collecting and using personal data materially changes, we will inform you of the changes and receive your agreement to the extent required by applicable local law.

2. Terms of Retention and Usage of Personal Data

In principle your information will be deleted upon achievement of purpose of collecting personal data. However, the data is retained for one year to verify the data of the transmission history. Also, we are entitled to retain your personal data as required by the relevant law.

3. Personal Data We Collect
  • Required Items : Country, First Name, Last Name, Company/Organization, Department, Contact Number, E-mail address
  • Period of Retention : Store for 1 year and discard
  • Purpose of Collection : Service support for Company inquiries and requests
  • Information Automatically Collected : IP (Internet Protocol), Cookies, Access log

​ ※ You have the right to disagree to the collection and usage of your personal data.​
However, if you disagree, the requested services may not be available.

I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Data for Subscription to Newsletter (Optional)

1.Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. ("SEM") collects your email address to deliver reports or news published by SEM, and the collected personal data will not be used for any purpose other than the specified purpose, and in the event of any change in the purpose of the collection, you will be notified in advance for your consent where required by applicable local law.

2. Terms of Retention and Usage of Personal Data

When you apply to unsubscribe from the newsletter, your personal information will be deleted in accordance with applicable local law, except where necessary to maintain a record of your preference to unsubscribe. If the retention of the information is required by other laws, personal data for which the term of retention and use has expired may be retained without being destroyed.

3. Personal Data We Collect
  • Item(s) : Email address
  • Period of Retention : Until request of unsubscribe to newsletters
  • Purpose of Collection : To provide reports and news from Samsung Electro-Mechanics
  • Information Automatically Collected : IP(Internet Protocol), Cookies, Access log
4. Matters Concerning the Consignment of Personal Data Processing

The “sending of newsletters” is entrusted to and operated by an external professional company as shown below to perform the service. In accordance with related laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the Company specifies in its agreement with the external service provider matters concerning the liabilities, such as the prohibition to use personal data for purposes other than those to perform the consigned service, technical and administrative protective measures, restrictions on re-consignment, management and supervision of the trustee, damages, etc., pursuant to related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act, and we will notify you without delay in the event of any change in the details of the consignment or any change of the consignee.

Matters Concerning the Consignment of Personal Data Processing
Name of the Consignee Company

The Uber Creative

Representative Telephone Number


Consigned Work

Sending out newsletters, operation and maintenance of the website

※ You may refuse to accept the subscription to newsletters, and you may withdraw the consent at your will, even after your consent. Even if you refuse to agree, you will not be restricted from using the customer inquiry service. However, if you do not consent, you will not be able to receive the newsletters.

I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

I agree to receive the Samsung Electro-Mechanics newsletters.

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