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SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS Philippines Corp. (SEMPHIL) was established in July 1997 and is located at the city of Calamba, Laguna. SEMPHIL started its mass production by February 2000 and formally inaugurated November of year 2000.

SEMPHIL manufactures Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC), Tantalum Capacitor, Inductor and Chip Resistor which are commonly used in electronic gadgets. In 2008, SEMPHIL started to be recognized and was given several awards by PEZA including Hall of Fame Award as one of the Best Employer in the Philippines.

  • Location : Calamba Premiere International Park, Batino, Calamba City
  • Main Contact : +63-49-508-8300
  • E-mail Address : hrd.recruitment@samsung.com

The Products of SEMPHIL

(Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors)

MLCC act as a 'dam' that stores electricity and sends it out by certain amounts, controlling the current to flow consistently in a circuit and preventing electromagnetic interference between components.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to strive not only to develop IT devices such as smartphones, LED TVs and PCs, but also to develop MLCC for electronics that require higher reliability.

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Inductors are key components applied to digital devices such as smartphones and help keep the supply voltage of chips and sensors stable.
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Chip Resistor
By limiting DC or AC, chip resistors are used to drop the voltage or maintain the current at a certain level inside an electronic circuit.
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Tantalum capacitors are designed as chip-type products to ensure they can be surface-mounted. They perform electric charging and discharging, and remove noise.

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