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Weather Proof Automotive Camera Module

Samsung Electro-Mechanics presents an all-season, weather proof automotive camera module
equipped with market-leading water-repellent coating technology and heating function.

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Development of 5 Types of High-Voltage
MLCCs for Automotive

With automotive battery systems using high voltages of up to 400V,
Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ high-voltage MLCCs provide a safe charging environment.

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Introduction to Samsung Electro-Mechanics package substrate

A delicate manufacturing process of Samsung Electro-Mechanics package substrate for high-performance semiconductors,
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Mass production of the industry's first
thin-film coupled power inductor

Developed the industry's first thin-film coupled power inductor with a coupled
structure that stacks two coils.

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Building a better tomorrow by achieving
the highest level for ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’.

Achieved the highest Platinum level for 'Zero Waste to Landfill’
for Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ entire domestic locations by continuing
to invest in waste recycling facilities.

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