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Achieving localization of electronics industry with our own hands

Founding Samsung Electro-Mechanics and
establishing a foundation for growth

In the early 1970s, Samsung Electro-Mechanics was born in order
to overcome Korea’s poor electronics industry environment which was
completely dependent on imports of small to core components.

At the time, Samsung Electro-Mechanics surprised everyone by achieving
normal operations of product production within a short period of time
with minimal cost.

Samsung Sanyo Parts Building No. 1
Samsung Sanyo Electronics’
first factory

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is born

1973, ‘Samsung Sanyo Parts’ is founded

In March 1973, 4 companies signed a joint venture and technology transfer contract,
and in the same year on August 8, ‘Samsung-Sanyo Parts Co,. Ltd.’ was established.
Thus, the company took its first step as a components company to lead the development
of the components industry in Korea.

First step as an export company

First export of tuners to Taiwan Sanyo

At the time, Samsung Electro-Mechanics overcame poor
factors, including aging technology and lack of skilled
technicians, and within less than one month of factory
operation, on November 27, 1973, it successfully
exported 5,000 tuners to Taiwan Sanyo through OEM.

Later on, in December 1975, it manufactured over
1 million tuners and achieved rapid growth.

1974, Tuner manufacturing line
Internal image of a brown TV with
Tuner · DY · FBT attached

Strengthening the foundation as a local enterprise​

Name change to ‘Samsung Electronic Parts’ & IPO

In May 1977, it changed its name to ‘Samsung Electronic Parts’ in order to re-establish
its reputation as Korea’s leading electronics components industry leader.
After its IPO in January 1979, in February, it split its stock with face value of KRW
10,000 to KRW 500 and listed a total of 3 million shares on the Korea Stock Exchange.

Feb. 1980, 1st shareholders meeting after IPO
Company name change notice published in the
Korea Joongang Daily on May 3, 1977
~ 1989
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