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Becoming a comprehensive
components maker

Business expansion and rapid growth

With the first Chairman Lee Byungchul’s dedication to grow the components
industry, we launched the Business 5 Year Plan, expanded business scale,
and became one of the top 100 companies of Korea.

In 1987, we changed the company name from 'Samsung Electronic Parts' to
today’s 'Samsung Electro-Mechanics' and paved the foundation to become a
comprehensive components manufacturer.

Oct. 1980, completion of Samsung General Research Center

Accelerating to become a global
comprehensive components maker

Establishment of the Research Center
for active R&D

In 1980, in order to become a global comprehensive
components maker, we accelerated our R&D activities.
In Oct. 1980, we established the Research Center and
began to carry out a total of 20 different development

Oct. 1983, completion of the first female dormitory
Jun. 1982, company newspaper
< Samsung Components > foundation edition

Supporting emotional
cultivation and healthy leisure
culture of the employees

Expansion of welfare and benefits

In order to realize Samsung’s founding principle
of ‘People First’, we built a dormitory that can
house 3,300 employees who wish to enter, and in
order to promote employee morale, we built a
welfare hall.
We began publishing the company newspaper
< Samsung Components > to deliver the latest
news and serve as a communication channel
between the company and its employees.

Continuous growth despite
severe recession

Expanding production items

Jun. 1982, speaker manufacturing line

"The potential for electronic
components is infinite"

Targeting 10x growth within 5 years, Business 5-Year Plan

1984, Company scenery

Business 5 Year Plan shows results

Received the 100 Million Export Tower Award,
Management Award for Best Company

In 1985, we were the first company within the general electronics
components industry to receive the ‘100 Million Export Tower Award’,
setting a new record in the history of Korean electronics components
business. In addition, in December of the same year, we received
the ‘Precision Industry Promotion Tower Award’.

In Jul. 1984, first in Korea to receive the 20 Million Hour Zero
Hazard Tower Award
Nov. 1985,
received the first KRW 100 Million
Export Tower Award within the
general electronics
components industry
Dec. 1985,
first within the electronics
components industry to receive
the Precision Industry Promotion
Tower Award

'Thinner, smaller, faster, and more'

Manufacturing MLCC
(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors)

In May 1986, we succeeded in manufacturing the high
added-value advanced components MLCC(Multilayer
Ceramic Capacitors), which dramatically advanced the
“light weight, short, small” direction for electronics parts.
At the time, approx. 10 employees partnered with US
Novacap to carry out technological training and research,
paving a foundation to enter the global market.

First mass produced MLCC products
Jul. 1986, MLCC product advertisement

Switched to an independent management system

Changing the name to 'Samsung Electro-Mechanics'

Changed name, logo font, and corporate mark
~ 1999
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