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Aiming to become a first-rate company by
declaring ‘Quality-First Management’

Growth through ‘New Management’

In Jun. 1993, Chairman Lee Kunhee declared ‘Quality-First Management'.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics carried out various ‘New Management’
activities that are aligned with new management’s direction and
characteristics of the components industry.

To move away from the components assembly business and in order to
advance into the materials components business, we secured material
and core technology and began to show ourselves in the global stage.

Improving business structure
and contributing to the
development of computer

Nov. 1991, first MLB shipment ceremony for
US Seagate
MLB manufacturing process

MLB (Multi Layer Board) business commencement

PCB is a components that is imported using massive foreign currency each year
for usage across various electronic devices.
With the foundational technology accumulated through manufacturing core
components for electronic devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been
focusing its capabilities on MLB business, to grow into a
global comprehensive components maker.

* PCB : A printed circuit board that mechanically and electrically connects components

Beginning to secure core technology
based on its mass production assembly
technology-oriented business

Business structure change through
‘New Management’

Jul. 1993, New Management Conference hosted by Chairman
Lee Kunhee in Osaka, Japan

Becoming a global comprehensive components maker

Overseas production unit establishment

In order to carry out its global strategy by constructing local manufacturing systems in key locations around the world, starting in the 1990s,
it began to operate manufacturing hubs in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Jun. 1991, completion of
Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ first overseas plant,
Portugal Production Unit
June. 1993, Completion ceremony of the
Dongguan Production Plant, Samsung Group's
first subsidiary in China
Feb. 1994, Mexico Production Unit,
DY production line
Nov. 1995, Automotive components Busan plant completion
1996, Panoramic view of the Busan Auto Parts Factory

Launched the auto parts business

Construction of the Busan plant

With Samsung Group entering the automotive and automotive components business, in 1994,
Samsung Electro-Mechanics was selected to become the key company to pursue the
components business.
Focusing on the motor business, we began our automotive components business focusing on
electronic control and automotive parts, and in Dec. 1996, it was the first to supply locally
manufactured components to Samsung Motors.

Breaking records in the Korean comprehensive electronic
components industry

Achieving sales KRW 1 trillion, export KRW 1 billion

As a result of improving business structure by focusing on key products and next generation
prospective products, in 1995, it became the first Korean comprehensive electronic components
company to achieve sales KRW 1 trillion and export KRW 1 billion.

Unit : KRW 100M

1994~1997 Sales,Net Income data(Unit : KRW 100M)
Cat. 1994 1995 1996 1997
Sales 9,487 13,437 14,895 17,499
Net Income 118 352 354 383
Nov. 1995, first in the comprehensive electronic components
industry to receive the KRW 1 Billion Export Tower Award

Endeavoring to become a respected
and loved company from the people

Launching Korea’s first social
contribution activity team

In 1995, Samsung Group became the first Korean
company to launch a social contribution activity team.
On July 1st of the same year, Samsung Electro-Mechanics
officially formed its social contribution team and carried
out various social contribution activities in each of its
business branches in Korea and abroad.

Oct. 1995, 1 company 1 village sisterhood
relationship with Namsang Village
Sep. 1996, sisterhood relationship with Suwon Sannam Elementary School

Promoting the revitalization of
badminton in Korea

Founding of the badminton team

Apr. 1996, Male/Female badminton team founding ceremony

Connecting through Samsung Electro-Mechanics website

Opening the first website

Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ first website screenshots

In anticipation of the Internet era, since 1996, Samsung Electro-Mechanics began
developing an Internet website, and in July 1997, it officially opened the website, and
later on, in order to strengthen electronics commerce, it rebuilt its website in September 1998.

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