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Following the 4th Industrial Revolution​

Developing advanced products through next generation convergence technology

With the advent of the 4th industrial revolution, which is represented by
5G mobile communication, AI, and autonomous vehicles, we are
expanding our business areas and diversifying our product portfolio.

We bring the best components and compelling solutions that enrich
people's experience, and will continue to move forward as a leader in the
electronic parts industry through first-class core products and technology
convergence and integration.

2011, Tianjin(Binhai) Production Unit scenery
2013, CEO Choi Chi-joon visited a Chinese corporation
2020, Vietnam Production Unit scenery

Guaranteeing the best quality anywhere in the world

Samsung Electro-Mechanics expanding into the greater world

We established the China Kunshan production plant in Oct. 2010, China Binhai Factory (currently, Tianjin production plant) in Sep. 2011, and Vietnam production plant in Sep. 2013. Through technological investments and innovation, we continue to satisfy the needs of our global customers at our production bases around the world.

1990~present Production Plants Establishment Overview data
Production Plants Establishment Overview
  • Jul. 1990Portugal
  • Nov. 1990Thailand
  • Jul. 1992China Dongguan
  • Dec. 1993China Tianjin(currently)
  • Feb. 1994Mexico
  • Jul. 1997Philippines(currently)
  • Jan. 2000Brazil
  • Apr. 2000Indonesia
  • Mar. 2001China Gaoxin(currently)
  • May. 2001Hungary
  • Oct. 2010China Kunshan
  • May. 2012Thailand SEMKORAT
  • Sep. 2013Vietnam(currently)

* Production Plants currently in operation

MLCC, achieving qualitative and quantitative growth

MLCC’s ambition to become world number one

In 2000, MLCC, also known as the ‘rice of the electronics industry’, explosively
grew its monthly manufacturing capabilities. It achieved equivalent performances
with the global number one company for IT MLCC in terms of technology, and it
has been expanding its market and customer base into automotive, network, and
server with its high level of credibility.

Expansion of MLCC business areas -  PC and Others -> Mobile, PC, Memory, Automotive, Industrial
Multi Camera Module
Ultrawide Camera Module

Camera module, continuing to add innovation on
top of innovation

Developing advanced camera modules similar to the human eye

With the advent of the smartphone era, we have been realizing performances in
mobile devices equivalent to DSLR through high resolution, high performance,
and miniature optical components technology.
By internalizing lens and actuator technology, we have been developing advanced
camera modules, including triple camera (2018) and folded-zoom (2019).

Developing the next generation semiconductor
packaging technology

PLP business commencement

By combining semiconductor ultrafine processing technology,
Samsung Electro-Mechanics began to develop its own unique
packaging technology, PLP. In 2015, by launching a T/F along with
Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display, it began to officially
carry out its PLP business, and in order to achieve synergy
at the Samsung group level, it moved its PLP business in 2019,
which requires continuous R&D and large-scale
equipment investments, to Samsung Electronics.

FOPLP 1st mass production ceremony

Preparing for future growth businesses

Automotive, 5G components development

As we stand today at a technological inflection point with 5G commercialization and
autonomous vehicles, we have been kick-starting various new product developments.
In addition to automotive MLCCs and camera modules, we are leading market
innovation through differentiated products, including 5G smartphone 3-socket MLCCs
and power inductors.

5G smartphone 3-socket MLCC
Samsung Electro-Mechanics components application area
(Mobile Device)
Samsung Electro-Mechanics components application area (Auto Mobile)
2021, 48th General Meeting of Shareholders

We bring the best components and innovative
solutions that enrich people’s experience

The best growth company that you want to work for and everyone wants to work with

Since its foundation in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has contributed to the development of the
Korean electronics industry. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has laid the foundation for the technological
independence of Korea’s components industry through continuous R&D. Now, we are starting to leap
forward to become the No. 1 company in the electronic components industry.

Based on five core values (RiGHT), Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue its
history of making a better society through change and growth.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics core values
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