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Leading the digital era

Securing highly profitable business foundation through
select and focus

In the 2000s, Samsung Electro-Mechanics strived to further advance its
strategic technology and achieve business synergy based on its core
technology, including materials, high frequency, and optics.

By focusing on this, we endeavored to grow into a global first-rate
company in the areas of circuit boards, chip components, camera modules,
and communication modules.

Oct. 2004, CEO Kang Homoon declaring New Vision at
the 31st anniversary event
31st Anniversary Ceremony

Declaring a New Vision

‘Business structure shift focusing on top 3
strategy technology and top 8 product groups’

We launched ‘New Vision’ at the 31st anniversary ceremony. Based
on ‘Top 3 Strategy Technology’, including material, high frequency,
and optics, we changed our product structure to focus on the top 8
products, including circuit boards, chip components (MLCC, etc.),
digital tuners, network modules, mobile RF, camera modules,
optical semiconductors (LED), and optical modules.

MLCC by size
0402 MLCC

Preparing for the future

Becoming global number two in MLCC

Foreseeing the advent of the smartphone, in order to shift the MLCC market,
Samsung Electro-Mechanics launched its A3 project in 2004, successfully developing
3 miniature and high-capacity devices more advanced than the number one competitor.
Through this, we were not only recognized for our technology within the market,
but also advanced to become number two in MLCC through rapid growth of the
smartphone market.

Preparing for the mobile era, knocking on the doors
to the camera module market

Establishing the technological foundation for lens and actuators

The ultra precision lens molding technology and small motor technology secured in its
existing businesses became the foundation for differentiated lens and actuator technology,
which are the core components for camera modules, in the advent of the mobile era.
With this, we manufactured the world’s first 5M pixel (2005), 8M pixel (2007), and
Auto Focus cameras for feature phones.

4.5mm-thick 2M pixel camera components developed in
2006 (left) and the previous 6.8mm product (right)
8M pixel camera module
developed in 2007
Sep. 2007, a semiconductor circuit board
thinner than paper is developed
Oct. 2006, mass produced flip-chip CSP
circuit board

Striving for diversification in revenue structure for
circuit board business

From mobile to semiconductor PCB

With the growth in demand for mobile PCB, the circuit board business achieved high growth,
but anticipating market saturation, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed new product technology,
such as semiconductor and display circuit boards, and proactively responded to market shifts.

* Flip-chip circuit board : As a circuit board manufactured to connect to semiconductors, it has fast signal
processing speed with low heat and electricity consumption, and it is used for high-performance semiconductor
packaging, such as CPU and chip sets

The competitiveness of partner companies
eventually becomes the competitiveness of
Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Beautiful journey with partner companies

Apr. 2005, Win-Win Plaza opening
Poster advertising the 1st 1nside Edge Paper Awards

Supporting the technological capabilities of
young talents

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Paper Awards

In 2005, we carried out the ‘1st 1nside Edge Paper Award’.
Through this, we have been creating a foundation for global
competitiveness and technology by identifying and nurturing early
talents in the area of science and technology. In 2016, we changed the
name to ‘Samsung Electro-Mechanics Paper Awards’.

1st 1nside Edge Paper Award recipients

People are a company’s

Opening of intensive language course

Jul. 2005, Intensive language course opening

Constructing a strong business structure through innovation

Restructuring and prioritizing key businesses


Becoming a sustainable company

Selected for the Sustainability Index

In 2009, we were included in the *Dow Jones Sustainability
Indexes and have been selected for 13 consecutive years to
this day.

* DJSI Index :
This is used for comparing corporate sustainability and responsible
investment standards as an index used to comprehensively assess a
company’s financial performance, environmental management, and
social responsibility.

Included in DJSI for 13 consecutive years from
2009 to 2021
2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
International Conference
~ Present
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