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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) works as a 'dam' that temporarily charges and discharges electricity. It regulates the current's flow in a circuit and prevent electromagnetic interference between components.Because thickness of single dielectric and number of stacked layers are related with capacity of electricity, technology for thinning single layer and stacking more layers is important.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is Leading the Change

In the 5G era, the importance of MLCC is expected to grow with the development of electronic devices, self-driving cars, and the
expansion of IoT. Samsung Electro-Mechanics possesses high technological capability to produce high-capacity MLCC stacked up
to 600 layers. In line with market trends, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is developing ultra-small and ultra-high-capacity products,
and is striving to develop high-reliability, high-quality, high-tech MLCC.

  • Ultra Small,
    Ultra High Capacity
  • Quality Reliability
  • Global Market Leader


A general MLCC temporarily charges and remove noise in electronic circuits, and is the most broadly available chip type of capacitor. The product line allows for realization of various sizes and a wide range of capacitance. It also has the structural capacity to mount chips on a PCB at a high speed.

Smart Phone, PC, HDD/SSD Board, Tablet, Display, Game Machine, DC-DC Converter, Automotive Application
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1.Ceramic body, 2.Electrode(Ni), 3.Termination(Cu), 4.Plating(Ni), 5.Plating(Sn) * Internal Cu electrode is only applied to limited products.

Wide Selection of Size & Wide Capacitance Range
Products that can implement various sizes and a wide range of capacities
Excellent DC Bias Characteristics
Capacitor with Excellent DC Bias Characteristics
High Speed Automatic Chip Placement on PCBs
Chip Mountable on PCB at High Speed


This can be mounted between the solder balls to deal with thin devices or modules. It can reduce the thickness of the module or be embedded inside the board to secure the mounting area. It can supply current quickly in a stable manner to high-speed AP of mobile devices. In addition it helps remove high-frequency noise, suffering less from external environmental stress.

Smart Phone, Wearable Devices, IC Package, Module Products
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Thin Thickness, Embedded Type (Cu Plating) LSC Type (Ni –Sn Plating)

Thin in terms of Thickness
A thickness that is appropriate for the thin device and module
Removing High Frequency Noise
Reduction of High-Frequency Noise

High Bending Strength

High Bending Strength(General)

The thermal/mechanical stress on the chip can be reduced by the ductile properties of Soft Termination. It is also resistant to stress caused by board bending.

All Application (Smart Phone, PC, HDD/SSD Board, Tablet, Display, Etc), Power(SMPS, DC-DC Converter), Industrial Application
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1.Ni/Sn, 2.Metal/Epoxy termination, 3.Cu-term

Relax The Applied External Stress
Able to Reduce External Thermal/Mechanical Stress on the Chip
Excellent Bending Strength

High Bending Strength(Automotive)

This product applies stress-management technology against external deformation so as to prevent MLCC defects from taking place when mechanical/thermal deformation of PCB occurs. With greater durability than existing products, it can be used in applications requiring safety.

Automotive Application
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Cu Term. Epoxy

Bending Crack Prevention
Application of conductive Epoxy material technology that can absorb deformation stress to prevent bending cracks caused by PCB deformation
5mm Bending Guarantee
No Bending Cracks Guaranteed for Board Flex 5mm Variants

ESD Protection

Specialized for use in protecting circuits from ESD, this component guarantees a higher level of ESD than typical MLCC products. It meets the IEC 61000-4-2 standard.

Automotive Application
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IEC 61000-4-2 Standard
ESD Testing according to the IEC 61000-4-2 Standard
DC Bias Stability
Improved DC Bias Characteristics Compared to General MLCC

Fail Safe(Soft Termination 5mm)

Designed to prevent circuit malfunction in the case of an internal shunt caused by a crack occurs in an MLCC product. This also guarantees 5mm bending and prevents defects caused by PCB deformation. This product has the highest degree of safety among all MLCCs.

Automotive Application
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  • THMC -> [ Cross-Sectioned View ], Bottom Cover
  • Conductor Material - Ag
  • External Electrode - Ag Termination - Ni + Sn Plating
Series Design
Designed to operate like two MLCCs in a series
Even if a defect such as a crack occurs on one side, the circuit can be protected on the other side
5mm Bending Guarantee
Guarantee No Bending Cracks for Board Flex 5mm Variants

Low Acoustic Noise

MLCC tremors can occur due to piezoelectric phenomena in electronic devices. These tremors are transmitted to the substrate, causing the substrate to tremble, producing audible noise (20Hz~20kHz). Low Acoustic Noise products are a solution that can effectively reduce this noise.

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Reducing Audible Noise
A Solution to Reduce the Noise of Mechanical Vibrations caused by Piezoelectric Properties
Pin to Pin Solution
A Solution to Establish Noise Reduction Measures by Replacing Existing Products Immediately


MLCCs with low equivalent series inductance (ESL) can be used in circuits with limited mounting area, as a small quantity of such MLCCs can sufficiently replace high-speed IC MLCCs.

All Application (Smart Phone, Wearable Devices, IC Package, PC)
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  • [Multiple MLCCs Used]

    Multiple MLCC Used for Energy Transfer

  • [Low ESL MLCC Used]

    Low ESL MLCC

Faster Energy Transfer
Saving Space by One Chip


As various electronic products such as portable devices have gotten smaller, several chips have been unified in order to secure mounting space. This reduces the cost of mounting and the ripple voltage.

All Application (Phone, PC, HDD/SSD Board, Tablet, Display, etc)
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High Performance & Space Saving
High Performance Product for the Mounting Area Reduction

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