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Tantalum is a general-type capacitor that performs electric charging/discharging and removes noise; it is widely used in electronic equipment. It is eco-friendly as it does not use RoHS-regulated materials, and has high stability against voltage and temperature changes. It is also designed in the form of a chip, which ensures it is applicable to surface-mount devices.

Conductive Polymer Type

This produces small, thin and high-capacity products by using small-particle tantalum powder and a product structure with high volumetric efficiency. In production, Samsung Electro-Mechanics' specialized process technology is applied to result in lower interfacial resistance between dissimilar materials.

Used in a Variety of Electronic Devices including the Following: Mobile Devices, Home Appliance, Decoupling, By-Pass, Smoothing,
Back-Up Purposes
You can check the Lineup of products.

1.Ta Wire + Ta powder (anode), 2.Ta2O5 (dielectrics), 3.Carbon (cathode), 4.Silver (cathode), 5.Polymer (cathode)

Smaller Size
Small- and Large-Capacity Product with a Dense and Uniform Polymer Layer in Small Pores
Lower ESR
Provides low-ESR products based on the processing technology of decreasing the interfacial resistance between dissimilar materials

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