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※ 三星电机根据个人信息保护法等相关法律,在收集并使用个人信息前先通知信息主体,得到同意。

1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

Samsung Electro-Mechanics collects and uses your personal information to respond adequately to solve customer inquiries, confirm facts, and to provide quality service. We will not disclose, sell, trade, or rent Personal Information without your prior consent, except to the extent necessary to provide you with requested information and services. In case the purpose of collecting and using personal information is altered, we will inform you of the changes and receive your agreement.

2. Personal Information We Collect
  • Optional Items : First Name, Last Name, Company, Contact Number, E-mail
3. Terms of Retention and Usage of Personal Information

In principle your information will be immediately destroyed upon achievement of purpose of collecting personal information. However, the information may be retained for one year as proof of providing consultation, and to be used as documentation material for overlapping FAQs. Also, we are entitled to retain your personal information as provided by the relevant law.

I agree with the terms and provisions of the Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information.


※ 按照举报者保密的原则,可以不留举报人的姓名和联系方式,但若您留下联系方式,则有助于迅速、准确地进行调查。对于您举报的内容,我们会尽快通过电话或邮件给您回复。

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举报电话 : +82-31-8093-8897, 邮箱 : compliance.semco@samsung.com