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The governance is consists of legal and transparent procedures
based on the Commercial Act and the Company’s Articles of Association.

ESG Rating (2021) : A

ESG Rating Environment, Social, Governance.
Environment Social Governance
A A+ B+

※ Rating Agency - Corporate Governance Service

Recommendations under Model Standards

Recommendations under Model Standards Recommendations under Model Standards, Acceptance, Note.
Recommendations under Model Standards Acceptance Note
Adoption of Corporate Governance Charter O  
Adoption of Ethics Regulation for Executives O  
Public Notification of Adoption of Concentrated Voting O Announcement through the Home Page
Board of Directors Composition (More than Half Held by External Directors) O 3 Internal Directors, 4 External Directors
Separation of the Representing Director and Chairperson of Board of Directors, or Appointment of Senior External Director O  
Announcement of Board of Directors Activities, Attendance, and Consent/Dissent to Major Agendas O  
Establishment of Director Recommendation Committee O 4 External Directors​
Establishment of Compensation Committee O  
Establishment of Audit Committee (All External Directors) O 3 External Directors
Adoption of Regulations on the Roles and Operation of Board of Directors and Committees O  
Damage Compensation Liability Insurance for Directors at the Company’s Expense O  
Evaluation of Board of Directors Activities X  
Maintenance of Independent Status of External Directors O  
Certification of Accuracy and Completeness of Financial Reports by the Representing Director and Financial Personnel O  
Explanation on the Differences with Model Corporate Governance Standards O  
Announcement (in Korean and English) of Audit Reports and Other Crucial Notices O  
Corporate Governance Documents
Corporate Governance Charter
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