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Company Information

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a versatile manufacturer of various parts
from mechanical parts to high-tech electronic parts.


  • Foundation
  • Revenue
    KRW 8,208.7B
  • Assets
    KRW 9,225.5B
  • Production Sites
    8Sites in 5Countries
    Sales Sites
    16Sites in 8Countries

* Revenue and Assets as of 2020

Established in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has become a remarkable developer and manufacturer of key electronic components not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world. The full name of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in English is referring again to electronics and machinery.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics began with a focus on production of audio/video parts and laid the foundation for the technological independence of Korea’s parts industry. In the 1980s, we diversified our business areas into materials and computer parts. Subsequently, in the 1990s, we focused on developing promising next-generation products such as chip parts, mobile communication parts, and optical parts.

Since the start of the 2000s, the company has been seeking to further develop strategic technologies and create business synergy based on core technologies of materials, multilayer thin-film molding, and high-frequency circuit design. With this at our core, we are focusing on fostering the business of chip parts, camera modules, communication modules and boards.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will expand its business portfolio through continuous new product development through first-class core products and technology convergence and integration, while at the same time fostering the next-generation growth business and moving forward as a leader in the electronic parts industry.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We bring the best components and compelling solutions
that enrich people's experience


Enable all lives to experience an
unparalleled journey
through excellence and growth
(All lives includes employees, customers,
vendors and any other associates)

Core Value
Respect all
Feel free to express opinions.
Recognize diversity of individuals.
Integrity first
Conduct consistently and fairly in accordance with the principles.
Growth mind
Desire to learn and grow with curiosity.
Strive for growth with a sense of ownership.
Harmony with
Maintain physical and mental health.
Pursuit of happiness at work.
Contribute to customers, societies, and people.
Technology for Great
Focus on the best technology for customer's success.
Challenge the new things continuously without the fear of failure.
Dive deep until to achieve the essence.
Leadership Principle

Encourage curiosity, Stimulate learning, Generate energy and Deliver success

CEO Message

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will become
a technologically strong company through
qualitative and quantitative growth.

Greetings, My name is Kyung Kyehyun, CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
I would like to welcome those of you visiting Samsung Electro-Mechanics' website.

With the advent of the 5G era, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will be taking another leap forward through
cutting-edge fusion technology and digital transformation across its entire business.
By prioritizing the securing of stable profitability (profit), the pursuit of happiness
of its employees (people), and environmental responsibility (planet),
Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to generate sustainable future value.

We would like to ask for your continued interest and support for Samsung Electro-Mechanics'
endeavors in creating a better society through change and growth. Thank you.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics
CEO & President
Kyung Kyehyun

CEO Profile

Professional Career
· 2020 CEO, Samsung Electro-Mechanics
· 2018 EVP, Solution Product & Development, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
· 2015 EVP, Flash Product & Technology, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
· 2013 SVP, Flash Design, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
· 2011 VP, Flash Design, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
· 2009 VP, DRAM Design, Memory Business, Samsung Electronics
· 1994 Ph.D., Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Seoul National University
· 1988 M.S., Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Seoul National University
· 1986 B.S., Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Seoul National University