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Camera Module

This product provides functions to take photos and videos via mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as on automobiles and smart home appliances. High-level technologies are required for mobile devices as they become small and slim, and as customers demand high resolution and multiple functions. We own advanced technologies based on the optical, electronic, and electric mechanism design know-how that are necessary for camera modules.

Smart Phone, Tablet, Game Consoles, TV, Vehicle
  • Lens
  • Actuator(AF/OIS)
  • Image Sensor
  • RF-PCB

Samsung Electro-Mechanics designs and manufactures
key components such as lenses and actuators, and produces
camera modules for mobile and automotive purposes.

  • Lens
  • Actuator(AF/OIS)
  • Image Sensor
  • RF-PCB

Key Core Technologies

Samsung Electro-Mechanics possesses the precision-package technology and evaluation technology, and provides high-end camera modules with various functions based on high-definition, high-performance, and slimming technology.

  • High Definition
    Dual Camera
    Bokeh, Optical Zoom

    High Resolution Slim Lens

    • Aspherical Multi-Lens Designs
    • High Precision Molds/Injection/Assembly
  • High Performance
    Triple Camera
    Bokeh, Optical Zoom,
    and Wide-Angle Photography

    High-Performance Miniature Actuator Technology

    • AF/OIS, Iris, and Zoom Designs
    • Contamination Free, Automated Assembly
  • Slimness
    Quadruple Camera
    Bokeh, Optical Zoom, Wide-Angle,
    and 3D Sensing

    Component and Package Slimming Technology

    • Slim Lens, Actuator
    • Slim Package Design/Manufacture
  • Conventional, OIS
    OIS(Optical Image Stabilizer) Technology
    The Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) technology detects shakiness of the camera and shifts the lens to prevent image blur, allowing for steady photography.
  • [Original Picture (1xZoom)], [2x Optical Zoom], [5x Optical Zoom]
    Folded Zoom Technology
    High magnification zoom photography is available to users through our Folded Zoom technology.

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