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Shareholders Meeting

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is collecting shareholders' opinions based on trust.

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      March 18, 2020, 09:00 a.m. KST

      Grand Hall, the 7th floor of L-Tower (213, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea)


      47th Annual General Meeting (2020.03.18)

      47th Annual General Meeting (2020.03.18) This is regarding the Agenda, Voting Rights, Approval rate
      Agenda *Voting Rights Approval rate
      No.1 Approval of Financial
      44,118,635 99.29%
      No.2-1 Election of Independent Directors
      (Yoo Jibeom)
      44,118,635 73.39%
      No.2-2 Election of Independent Directors
      (Kim Joonkyung)
      44,118,635 99.88%
      No.2-3 Election of Independent Directors
      (Yuh Yoonkyung)
      44,118,635 99.88%
      No.2-4 Election of Executive Directors
      (Kyung Kyehyun)
      44,118,635 99.29%
      No.2-5 Election of Executive Directors
      (Kang Bongyong)
      44,118,635 99.26%
      No.3-1 Election of Audit Committee
      Members (Kim Joonkyung)
      26,379,565 99.8%
      No.3-2 Election of Audit Committee
      Members (Yuh Yoonkyung)
      26,379,565 99.8%
      No.4 Approval of Director Remuneration
      44,118,809 99.08%
      No.5-1 Approval of Amendments to the
      Articles of Incorporation (Relating Korea Law)
      44,118,830 99.88%
      No.5-2 Approval of Amendments to the
      Articles of Incorporation (Method of Public Notice)
      44,118,236 99.88%

      * Total number of the common shares with voting rights represented at the opening of the Meeting. (Agenda No.1 basis)