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Samsung Electro-Mechanics receives Next-Generation IT Leadership Award (Ones to Watch Awards)

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◇ Awarded the IDG’s next-generation IT leadership award, “Ones to Watch Awards”
 - Only one to be awarded in Korea among the world’s 50 technology leaders
◇ Constructed smart factory using AI-based high-tech manufacturing execution system
 - Strengthening manufacturing competitiveness through integrated management of global manufacturing process
◇Samsung Electro-Mechanics also selected for CIO 100 (top 100 global leading conglomerates in technology innovation) in 2019



Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Kyehyun Kyung, CEO) was awarded the IDG’s next-generation IT leadership award, “Ones to Watch Awards”. The “Ones to Watch Awards” selects and awards 50 technology leaders with the capabilities and expertise to lead future IT technologies from the around the world. In Korea, Bojoon Kim, Team Leader at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, was the only one to receive this award. This year’s award ceremony was carried out live online on Oct. 15 due to COVID-19.
※ The IDG (International Data Group) was established in 1964 and is a technology media, data, and marketing consulting firm that is specialized in IT. Each year at the AGENDA Conference, the IDG nominates “The Future Edge 50” for companies that have shown innovation in customer experience and improvement in corporate productivity through new technologies, and as previously mentioned, it awards the “Ones to Watch Awards” to 50 leaders in future IT technology, leading the overall advancement of and new trends in the IT industry. 
Bojoon Kim, Team Leader at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, was given this year’s award for his contribution in the construction of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ smart factory and digital transformation, including the integration of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Plan) systems as well as the IT strategy development.
In particular, he contributed to the strengthening of the company’s manufacturing competitiveness by developing the MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Since 2015, Samsung Electro-Mechanics had been developing the AI-based next-generation MES 3.0 for all of its businesses in Korea and abroad, and it has now organically connected all of its production processes from design to manufacturing.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics implemented MES 3.0 to its 3 Korean offices and 5 overseas offices to manage manufacturing sites without limitations to time or space, resulting in a cost reduction of approx. KRW 72 billion per year.
Bojoon Kim, Team Leader of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, revealed, “I will endeavor to secure super-differential competitiveness by digitalizing Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ entire work process.”
On the one hand, Samsung Electro-Mechanics was the only Korean ICT firm to receive the CIO 100 Awards in 2019.
※ CIO 100 Awards: An award that is given to the top 100 major corporations and organizations around the world based on an assessment of effort to innovate using IT technology and solutions along with resulting increase in corporate value.  


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