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Company 2020.11.17

Samsung Electro-Mechanics included in the DJSI World Index for 12 consecutive years

◇ Included in the DJSI World, Asia Pacific, Korea Indices for 12 consecutive years
   - Maintained longest record for sustainability among Korean companies
   - Recognized for sustainability performance, including ethical management, supply chain management, and environmental/social reporting


Samsung Electro-Mechanics was selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (hereafter, “DJSI”) for 12 consecutive years.
12 consecutive years of being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices is the longest record for a Korean company, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the only one. 


The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) evaluates a company’s sustainability index and is comprised of the “DJSI World Index,” which evaluates the global top 2,500 companies based on liquid market capitalization, “DJSI Asia Pacific Index,” which evaluates the top 600 companies within the Asia/Oceania region, and “DJSI Korea Index,” which evaluates the top 200 companies in Korea.
In the 2020 DJSI World Index, among the 2,540 companies subject to global evaluation, 323 (12.7%) companies were included, and among them, 17 were Korean companies. 


Samsung Electro-Mechanics was included in the “DJSI World Index”, “DJSI Asia Pacific Index”, and “DJSI Korea Index,” and evaluated as an exceptional sustainability company.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been focusing on ethical management, client management, vendor company management, innovative management, environmental/social information publication, environmental management system, climate change, and human rights protection, and in addition to the DJSI, it was selected for the FTSE4Good for 10 consecutive years, CDP Best Grade for 3 consecutive years, and acquired Korea Corporate Governance Service Grade A, receiving recognition for its sustainability performance from various evaluation agencies.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics prioritizes the securing of stable profit (profit), pursuit of happiness for social constituents (people), and realization of environmental responsibility (planet), and will pursue the creation of sustainable future value and harmonious growth with society.  


The DJSI assessment results have been recognized around the world for evaluating and investing in a company's sustainability.

In addition, because such results are provided to investment institutions and investors, the selection for DJSI is used as a criteria for investment. 

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