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IT/Industrial MLCC Catalogue Update

Registration Date

- Introducing 8 types of IT/industrial MLCCs along with application guides
Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides product catalogues to allow its clients to better understand its products and easily obtain the necessary information. Samsung Electro-Mechanics recently updated its IT/industrial MLCC catalogue.

The updated catalogue includes information on 8 types of IT/industrial MLCCs, including normal capacitors standard, embedded/LSC capacitors, and high bending strength capacitors. Furthermore, it presents 4 application guides, including SMP and servers, which had not been available in the past.

- Added interactive function allows for easier access to information
Produced in PDF format, users can download the catalogue on their PCs and print them. Above all, through an interactive function that allows users to move quickly to the relevant page when clocking on icons or on the table of contents at the top within the PDF allows for easier access to information.



Furthermore, by linking the catalogue to the office website, when clicking on the part number, users are able to conveniently move to the relevant product information page within the website.

For further information, please refer to the MLCC catalogue posted on the website.
- Go to IT/industrial MLCC catalogue >

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to provide the latest information for its clients by updating its vehicle MLCC catalogue in the future. 



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