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Press Release 2021.03.01

Samsung Electro-Mechanics to mass produce optical 10x zoom folded camera module

◇ Realized folded optical 10x zoom for the first time in Korea
◇ Maintained minimal size with “dual folded” structure that refracts light two-times and secured design freedom
◇ Continuous release of distinct products based on independent lens, actuator technology 



Samsung Electro-Mechanics revealed on the 1st that it has developed an optical 10x zoom folded camera module and is supplying it to global smartphone companies. It is the first in Korea to realize folded optical 10x zoom in smartphone cameras.
Optical zoom is a function that allows for the camera to close in on distant subjects without losing resolution quality, and higher optical zoom is realized when the focus point, or the distance between the image sensor and lens, is greater.
In 2019, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the folded camera module that secures focus point by refracting the light in the form of a periscope and succeeded in realizing 5x optical zoom without the protrusion of the camera module. 
However, even when applying the folded method, when increasing the optical zoom magnification rate, the length of the camera module increases, resulting in inefficient space usage within the smartphone.
In order to solve this issue, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the dual folded camera module by refracting light two times to increase the focus distance by two times while only increasing the length of the camera module by 25%.
Moreover, in order to reduce the height of the camera module, Samsung Electro-Mechanics applied its own lens that cut the top and bottom of the lens. This lens is very difficult to produce due to difficulty in controlling the flatness that influences the light penetration rate.
In particular, low-loss surface coating technology helps minimize losses that could occur during the light refraction process, and by applying a high sensitivity sensor ball guide actuator, it became possible to obtain clear photos through image stabilization even at distances requiring long lens operations.
Ik Chan Shim, Managing Director and Module Development Team Leader at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, said, "Recently, camera modules are being used as key distinguishing aspects for smartphone cameras, and the need for ultra-small, high magnification optical zoom is increasing in the market. Samsung Electro-Mechanics supplies distinguished products to clients in need through unique technology allowing us to directly design and manufacture core products, such as the lens and actuator.”
The camera module is used in various areas, including smartphones and automobiles, and requires a high level of technology, including the pursuit of high resolution, miniature, slim, and low-power.
Based on the necessary core technology for camera modules, including lens design, mold technology, and high-performance actuator production internalization, Samsung Electro-Mechanics supplies camera modules to major smartphone companies, and with its technology accumulated in the mobile area, it is expanding its business with global automotive companies.  



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