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Press Release 2021.04.15

Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops world’s best performing IT MLCC

Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops world’s best performing IT MLCC

(0402 size 1uF capacity 6.3V voltage MLCC)


◇ Developed the highest capacity and voltage for the first time in the world among 0402㎜ sizes

 - Applicable to various IT devices, including the 5G smartphone

 - With ultrasmall products, implement core product operation locations within the IT product that had been difficult

 - Increase in demand for ultrasmall products to secure space within the device through 5G technology advancement and multifunctionality

◇ Develop independent material and next-generation equipment and apply semiconductor manufacturing engineering method by forming exclusive team

 - Secure leading position within the MLCC market based on its ultra-differential technology



 Samsung Electro-Mechanics recently succeeded in developing the world’s first ultra-small, high-capacity MLCC new product with the best performance and is beginning to take the lead in the high added-value IT MLCC market.

  ※ MLCC is a core component within electronic devices that controls the stable flow electric current within the electronic product circuit, and is essential for related products, such as smartphones, household products, and automobiles.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the world’s first 0402 size (length 0.4, width 0.2mm) 1.0uF (microfarad) capacity, 6.3V (voltage) internal voltage product. Because MLCC serves a role in supplying electric current to major products, including semiconductors, current storage volume and internal voltage (durability that can withstand high voltage) are the most important characteristics, and because over 1,000 are included in devices, such as smartphones, the smaller the size, the more competitive it is.


Moreover, this product enhanced stability of its product life and operation to leading standards within the industry in terms of its DC BIAS characteristics (a characteristic that reduces product volume when DC voltage is applied, superior as there are less changes).


The 0402 size is a ultrasmall product that is dramatically increasing in demand within the recent market. With the implementation of various 5G functions, including technology advancement and multicamera, ultrasmall MLCC that can withstand high capacity and voltage is essential. However, until now, 0402 size, 1uF MLCC were only 4V grade and were limited in terms of application to IT devices.

Through development, Samsung Electro-Mechanics succeeded in maintaining 1.0uF high-capacity characteristics for 0402 ultrasmall while increasing the rated voltage by 1.5 times (4 → 6.3V), allowing it to be applicable to various high-performance IT devices.

In order to secure ultra-differential technology in the MLCC market, last year, Samsung Electro-Mechanics formed a TF with experts from various fields, including material, process, and equipment. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC Business First-Rate TF developed an applied material processing and process analysis methods to develop ultrasmall, highest capacity, and highest voltage products.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics secured nanoparticulate (less than 1/1000 of the thickness of hair) powder processing technology that can realize ultrathin dielectric, and in the manufacturing process, it implemented a semiconductor process analysis method to improve credibility.



Doo Young Kim, Head of the Components Business at Samsung Electro-Mechanics said, “This product is the first within the industry to realize miniaturization, highest capacity, and high internal voltage. We will be able to preemptively respond to the dramatically increasing demand for ultrasmall, high-performance, high-reliability MLCC from the increase in demand for electronic devices and electrification of automobiles as a result of the commercialization of 5G telecommunication and digitalization." Furthermore, he revealed, “Samsung Electro-Mechanics shall secure a leading position within the market with its distinctive technology, including core material internalization and next-generation equipment development”.


On the one hand, at its general shareholders’ meeting in March, Samsung Electro-Mechanics revealed, “In the field of MLCC, which is one of Samsung Electro-Mechanics core businesses, we will further expand market share for IT devices, and lead IT thinning technology to gradually increase market share in the area of electrification and industrialization”.  



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