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Press Release 2021.06.04

Samsung Electro-Mechanics acquires industry’s first " ZWTL:Zero Waste To Landfill" international certification

□ Busan Plant receives ' Zero Waste To Landfill ' gold grade from UL
- The first to be certified within the MLCC and circuit board industry
□ With 97.2% recycle rate for waste synthetic resin and waste water sludge, higher than national average by 10%
- recycling 150 tons of waste-water sludge every month.
□ By operating ESG Secretariat, pursues sustainable management and socially responsible management

- Recognized for ESG achievements, including being selected for the DJSI World Index for 12 consecutive years and receiving the highest CDP grade for 4 consecutive years


Samsung Electro-Mechanics (CEO Kyung Kyehyun) revealed on the 4th that its Busan Plant received the ‘ZWTL:Zero Waste To Landfill’ gold grade from Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the first to receive 'zero waste dump' certification within the MLCC and circuit board industry.


The ‘ZWTL:Zero Waste To Landfill' grants grades of Platinum (100%), Gold (99~95%), and Silver (94~90%) based on the rate of which waste that is generated from a business area is recycled and is used as an indicator to assess a company’s resource circulation efforts, and it is assessed by the international safety environment certification institution UL.


The average resource circulation rate for Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Busan Plant was 97.2%, which is at least 10% higher than the nation’s average recycle rate (86.5%).
After Samsung Electro-Mechanics established its 'zero waste disposal' goal in 2019, it has continued to invest in waste recycling facilities and succeeded in developing new fuel. In particular, it complemented its waste processing plant’s copper condensation facility in order to recycle small amounts of copper obtained from waste-water sludge and installed a high-efficiency dehydration facility, allowing it to recycle 150 tons of waste-water sludge every month.



Kyung Kyehyun, CEO at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, revealed, “By prioritizing the securing of stable profitability (profit), the pursuit of happiness of its employees (people), and environmental responsibility (planet), Samsung Electro-Mechanics is practicing sustainable management. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has implemented the principle of responsibility across its entire product process and will improve its reputation as a green IT company that takes into consideration the environment across its entire product production process.”
Samsung Electro-Mechanics operates a Corporate Sustainability Management Office, and is systematically carrying out ESG with its data-based roadmap. Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ sustainability-related activities have been recognized by being selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) for 12 consecutive years, receiving the highest grade for CDP for 4 consecutive years, being selected for the FTSE4Good Index for 10 consecutive years, and receiving Comprehensive A-Grade for ESG from the Korea Corporate Governance Service in 2020.



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