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Company 2021.09.02

Samsung Electro-Mechanics unveils 'innovative solutions' in China

At the Samsung Future Tech Forum held in Shenzhen, China on September 2, Samsung Electro-Mechanics showcased innovative solutions for the 5G, AIOT (AI+IoT), and automotive sectors that will strengthen its future business competitiveness.


The Samsung Future Tech Forum, an annual event inaugurated by Samsung China in 2018, is a forum for cooperation where major Chinese customers and IT industry officials gather to share the latest technology and industry trends and find new mid- to long-term business models and market opportunities. Jointly hosted by Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, and Samsung SDI, the third forum this year was held online without an audience to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All sessions were streamed to about 350 attendees.


At this forum, Samsung Electro-Mechanics unveiled its advanced technologies under the theme of "Innovative Solution Provider for 5G and AD Era." As solutions for high-performance multi-functional smartphones, the company introduced a ceramic chip antenna for 5G mmWave and a hybrid keyless solution (a solution using a touch sensor instead of a conventional physical key). It also showcased MLCC material/process technology that satisfies the increasing capacitance. Samsung Electro-Mechanics also highlighted its identity as a solution provider ideal for the 5G and AD era by introducing highly reliable high-capacity MLCC automotive products for advanced autonomous driving as well as camera modules that can maintain their characteristics even in high temperatures and extreme conditions.


"It was a meaningful occasion where Samsung Electro-Mechanics directly presented its future technology to Chinese customers and automotive companies that are potential customers," said Park Heechul, Vice president of the China Sales Subsidiary. "We will take a customer-oriented approach through continuous technology exchange, and pave the way for shared growth by enabling our customers to grow and prosper with Samsung Electro-Mechanics' future technology. On the same day, Bae Kwangwook, Vice President of the Product Planning Team, also said that Samsung Electro-Mechanics will provide high-performance and high-efficiency component solutions to meet market needs as he unveiled the company’s innovative solutions through a video.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics will use the forum to deepen the relationships with a range of customers in the growing Chinese market and continuously foray into the advanced component solutions market.



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