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Press Release 2021.10.06

Samsung Electro-Mechanics showcases semiconductor substrate technology at Korea's largest circuit and packaging show

▶Exhibits the latest high-performance, high-density, ultra-slim semiconductor package substrates for 5G, AI, and automobiles
▶An online exhibition hall opened on the website for a convenient viewing experience
▶Wins the PCB Industry Award in recognition of the development of semiconductor package substrates for high-performance computers
▶Focus on manufacturing silicon substrates with core technologies to build ultra-slim, large-area, high-density, parts-integrated, and microcircuit products

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has announced that it is participating in KPCA show 2021 (International Electronic Circuits and Packaging Show) held for three days from October 6 to 8.
KPCA show is the largest circuit board exhibition in Korea that brings together substrate, material, and equipment manufacturers from home and abroad.
This time, Samsung Electro-Mechanics focused on showcasing high-performance, high-density, and ultra-slim semiconductor package substrates. A semiconductor package substrate transmits electrical signals and power by connecting a highly integrated chip and a mainboard (circuit board). Substrates for high-performance semiconductors used for 5G, AI, and automobiles require advanced techniques that can increase the number of layers, implement microcircuits, achieve granular inter-layer consistency, and make products thinner to reduce the set thickness.                  

At this exhibition, Samsung Electro-Mechanics revealed the technological prowess of its high-performance Flip-chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA).
FCBGA, in which the semiconductor chip and package substrate are joined together with flip chip bumps, is a highly integrated package substrate with improved electrical and thermal properties. The high-spec product is mostly used for central processing units (CPU) and graphics processing units (GPU) that exchange a lot of electrical signals. Demand is growing rapidly in various applications such as AI, 5G, automobiles, servers, and networks.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics also introduced ultra-small high-density semiconductor substrates for mobile IT devices. Showcased products include a flip chip chip scale package (FCCSP), which can be applied to ultra-slim application processors (AP) by reducing the thickness by 40% compared to existing products, and a system-in-package (SiP), which contains multiple chips and passive components like MLCC in a single package. 


[SiP substrate reference image]


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that Hwang Chiwon, head of the Circuit Board Development Team, received the PCB Industry Award for contributing to the development of chip carrier packages for high-performance computers during the exhibition. Chip carrier packages for high-performance computers require complex techniques to increase the level of microcircuits, layers, and surface area. The recipient Hwang Chiwon will introduce "the market and technology trends of semiconductor package substrates" at the KPCA International Symposium.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics opened the online KPCA exhibition hall on its website for those who are unable to visit the exhibition in person due to COVID-19. Online visitors can learn more about the company's products and technologies conveniently through a vivid viewing experience. 


Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which started its circuit board business in 1991, has become an industry leader that supplies products to global companies with differentiated technology. In the sector of semiconductor package substrates for high-end mobile APs, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has maintained its unrivaled leadership in terms of market share and technology.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has enhanced its responsiveness to the growing market such as servers and networks based on its core technologies to build ultra-slim, large-area, high-density, parts-integrated, and microcircuit products. 



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