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Press Release 2021.12.09

2022 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Regular Executive Promotions

Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced the 2020 regular executive promotions for executives and masters today.
A total of 20 people were promoted, including 5 executive vice presidents, 13 vice presidents, and 2 masters.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has expanded the scope of promotion as it achieved remarkable sales and performance through continuous improvement of business competitiveness and technological innovation even in an uncertain business environment.
※ Status of executive promotions: 14 people in end-2017, 15 in end-2018, 12 in January 2020, 16 in end-2020, 20 in end-2021
Under its performance-oriented policy, the company boldly chose young and capable employees who have execution power and growth potential, including two executive vice presidents in their 40s.

We promoted executive candidates and next-generation leaders who will drive change and innovation in the digital transformation era, as well as the sustainable growth of Samsung Electro-Mechanics into the global No. 1 components company.
The component business carried out promotions evenly across divisions, including material/product development and technology to continuously enhance its core competencies. The substrate/module business selected personnel who can accelerate preparations for the future, such as expanding investment and securing differentiated technologies.
In addition, we promoted those who contributed to business growth and innovation, including sales/marketing, purchasing, global operations, human resources, and IT/SW.

Following last year, we selected one outstanding female employee who produced outcomes by demonstrating professional competence and leadership this year.
※ Status of female promotions: 1 person in end-2018, 1 in end-2020, 1 in end-2021
As a leading technology company, we appointed top technical experts in the inductor and plating sectors as masters in an effort to secure element technologies in the long term.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics will complete the executive reshuffle with this regular executive promotion, and soon begin organizational restructuring and position-related appointments to further growth and innovation.

[ List of Promoted Persons]
■ Executive vice president promotion (5 persons)
   Kim Jonghan김종한  Park Bongsu박봉수  Bae Kwangwook배광욱  Yoo Hosun유호선  Cho Jungkyun조정균

■ Vice president promotion (13 persons)
   Kang Minho강민호  Kim Bojoon김보준  Kim Youngjin김영진  Kim Jeongryeol김정렬  Kim Chankong김찬공
   Ryu Kyeongwoo류경우  Park Kunguk박건국  Park Sungmin박성민  Park Jongmun박종문
   Ahn Junghoon안정훈  Lee Chulseung  Yura Choi최유라  Hwang Chiwon황치원

■ Master appointment (2 persons)
   Kim Boumseock김범석  Park jongeun박종은  

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