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Social Contribution 2022.08.10

"I will not condone cyber violence!" New Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees' special pledge

▶Samsung Electro-Mechanics conducts ESG and CSR activities at the latest 1st work anniversary event
- Employees joined in "support for preventing violence" aimed at eradicating cyberbullying
- Made 220 plant pots and donated them to a nearby elementary school
• 220 seedlings were donated to wild fire-stricken areas in Gangwon-do in a matching grant method
▶Samsung launched Blue Elephant, a program to prevent cyber violence, in 2020
- Samsung Electro-Mechanics has served as the organizer of the Blue Elephant program
- As part of the CSR Vision 'Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People'


삼성전기가 매년 진행하는 '입사 1주년 기념행사'에서 사이버비폭력을 지지하는 신입 직원 400여 명의 단체 사진><br style= 

"I will not condone cyber violence"

- Professional Park at Samsung Electro-Mechanics -


At Samsung Electro-Mechanics' annual “1st work anniversary celebration,” 400 new employees pledged their support for "preventing cyber violence."


Samsung Electro-Mechanics' annual 1st work anniversary celebration is a place where new employees look back on their first year at the company and look forward to their future contributions. SEM employees who celebrate their first year and become "professionals" declared their "support for preventing youth cyber violence," and pledged to actively help neighbors in need.


"Support for Preventing Cyber Violence" is the Blue Tree Foundation's program that helps victims of cyberbullying. So far, about 550,000 people have signed and donated for the program, and the Blue Tree Foundation has delivered the supporters' messages to the Korean government and the United Nation.


On the same day, the new employees of Samsung Electro-Mechanics made plant pots and donated them to a nearby elementary school. Each pot was attached with a message for eradicating cyber violence, wishing for the emotional development of students and a healthy school life. Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to contribute to forest restoration by donating one seedling for each plant pot to the wild fire-affected areas in Gangwon-do, such as Uljin and Samcheok.


Professional Jang Hoseung, who participated in the event on this day, said, "I can't believe it's already been one year since I joined the company because I still have a lot to learn. I'm proud to be able to look around my neighbors and offer a little help as a member of society while celebrating my first work anniversary. I will never tolerate cyber violence as I learned of its seriousness today and will do my best to help the victims.”


Park Bongsu, Executive Vice President of People Team at Samsung Electro-Mechanics, said, "We planned the 1st work anniversary event as we celebrate the first year of our new employees and wish for their continued success. I hope that SEM employees will become responsible members of society with the pledge to support for preventing cyber violence."


Under its CSR vision "Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People,” Samsung performs CSR activities centered on youth education, including Samsung Software Academy for Youth, Samsung Junior SW Academy, Samsung Smart School, Samsung Dream Class, the Samsung Stepping Stone of Hope, and Blue Elephant.


Samsung is also sharing its technological and innovative know-how through shared growth programs such as C-Lab (Inside/Outside), the Win-Win Fund and the Payment Support Fund, incentives to suppliers, smart factory support for SMEs, and the Future Technology Cultivation Initiative.

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