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The Rules behind MLCC Part Numbers

- Understanding of the principle of part numbers, identifying substitute products

You probably already know that Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops and produces multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC).
MLCCs can be distinguished by part number. An MLCC part number is generally made up of 15 digits that indicate the part’s size, capacitance, and more.
For example, if an MLCC’s part number is “CL10A106MP8NNNC,” its size is 1.6mm in length and 0.8mm in breadth (width) while its capacitance is 10000000pF=10㎌.
How can we know that?
The 15 digits of MLLC part numbers has the following principle.

Code Classification Description
CL series It is a code that means the type of a product. ex) CL: MLCC , TC: Tantalum, etc.
10 size It means the length and width of a product. ex) 10: 1608 (Length: 1.6 mm, Width: 0.8 mm)
A dielectric It means the temperature characteristic classification of a dielectric material. ex) A: X5R (-55 ℃ ~ 85 ℃)
106 capacitance It means the nominal capacitance of a product. ex) 106= 10x10^6 pF = 10000000pF = 10uF
M tolerance It means the capacitance tolerance of a product. ex) M deviation of a 10 uF product : ±20 %(8uF~12uF)
P rated voltage It is a code that means the rated voltage applicable to a product. ex) P= 10 V
8 thickness It means the thickness of a product. ex) 8= 0.8 mm
N inner/terminaltion/plating It means the shapes of the internal/external electrodes and plating of a product. ex) N: Internal electrode (Ni) / External electrode (Cu) / Plating (Ni/Sn)
N control It is a code given based on the appearance and characteristics of a product. ex) NN: General form MLCC
C packaging It means the packing method for a product. ex) C : Cardboard Tape(reel type), B: Bulk type

1) First, you need to understand the Part Number rules. If you do not remember, click the question mark icon in the search window on Product Search and the Part Numbering System screen will pop up.
2) Figure out the attributes determined by each digit of the original product’s Part Number.
The third and fourth digits indicate the size, and “10” means 0603(1608) or 1.6mm in length and 0.8mm in breadth (width). The sixth to eighth digits represent the capacitance, and “106” means the 6th power of 10x10, or in other words, 10000000pF=10㎌.

With these rules, substitutes can also be checked.
If the model you are looking for is discontinued, you can check if substitute products are available using Product Search on Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ website.

MLCCs, which are capacitors made of layers of ceramic and electrodes, go into most commonly used electronics such as smartphones, TVs, and electric vehicles. MLCCs control the flow of current in electronic devices and prevent electromagnetic interference.
An MLCC is about 1/250 of a grain of rice (15mm) in size with its thickness about a strain of hair or two sheets of A4 paper. But despite being so small, it is an essential electronic component.

3) In the capacitance selection of the search window, select 10㎌, the same capacitance as CL10A106MP8NNNC.
4)) Select the same size 0603(1608)
5) Upon selection, the corresponding (matching) products will be shown. (In this example, 42 products are available)
6) By referring to information such as the electrical characteristics (PDF file) and tolerances of the products shown in the search results, select the most suitable product as a substitute product.

※ In addition to the list of (replaceable) candidate products of the same capacity and size, you can also find various models and information on our website.

Meanwhile, the recent commercialization of 5G has also led to increased demand for MLCCs. A 5G smartphone contains 1,000 MLCCs, a 5G base station 16,000 MLCCs, and a pure electric vehicle 30,000 MLCCs. Smaller and better MLCCs are making electronic devices smaller and slimmer while allowing for more features. Please look forward to the bright future of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ MLCCs.

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