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Company 2023.01.30

IT/industrial, automotive MLCC catalog update

▶Addition of new IT/industrial MLCC lineups, 700 types of PRE-MP capacitors for IT (starting Q3 2023)
▶Addition of the automotive MLCC lineup: new category for high-temperature/medium-high voltage models


Samsung Electro-Mechanics provides product catalogs to help customers better understand products and easily obtain necessary information. The catalog of component products can be found in the [Customer Support > Technical Data] category.


The IT/industrial & automotive MLCC catalog has been updated as follows:

With this update, new MLCC lineups and products have been added.


The IT/industrial MLCC catalog introduces Normal Capacitors Standard/High level 1/ High level 2, LSC Capacitors, High Bending Strength Capacitors, Low Acoustic Noise Capacitors, Low ESL, and Array Type.

You can also find PRE-MP 0402mm size High Q C0G and 700 types of 0201mm size narrow deviation C0G (MP, starting Q3 2023).


A new category for high-temperature/medium-high voltage models has been added to the automotive MLCC catalog.


You can find six lineups of General, High Temperature, Mid-High Voltage, High Bending Strength, ESD Protection, and Fail Safe.


For detailed information, please see our MLCC catalogs available on the website.

Go to IT/industrial MLCC catalog >

Go to automotive MLCC catalog >

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will provide up-to-date information on our products.

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