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Company 2023.03.24

Spring snack event 'SugohaSEM'

Samsung Electro-Mechanics held 'SugohaSEM,' a spring snack event for employees at business sites across the country.


For the SugohaSEM event, snack trucks were prepared in front of the cafeteria at each site during lunchtime to cheer employees who may experience spring lethargy. Employees enjoyed crispy tornado potatoes with bright smiles after having lunch.


Next to the snack trucks, various games such as "collecting bouncy balls" and "agility game" were also held to entertain employees. Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees were delighted at the surprise event, saying that "I realized that spring has finally arrived" and "I will be able to focus more on my afternoon work as I relieved my stress."


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is conducting various activities such as year-end movie day, a reading encouragement program, and a book recommendation event to improve corporate culture. At the end of each year, the company holds a culture fair to share and promote examples of corporate culture built by Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees.

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