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Press Release 2023.05.18

Samsung Electro-Mechanics holds overseas customer invitation event (SCC) in Busan

▶More than 130 overseas IT and automotive electronic component customers, over 200 people invited for the first time in four years... Held in Busan for 3 days from May 17th
- Reinforcing communication and marketing with major overseas customers and expanding customer networks that were disconnected since COVID-19
▶Programs such as product technology seminars on MLCC and electronic components, and tours of MLCC production lines, etc.
▶“Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a company that provides future solutions to customers with core technologies suitable for megatrends,” said CEO Chang Duckhyun


Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced on May 18th that the ‘2023 SEMCO Component College (SCC)’ is being held in Busan for three days from May 17th to 19th, targeting overseas IT and automotive electronic component customers.


‘2023 SEMCO Component College’ is a place to invite overseas customers of the Component Business Unit, which produces MLCCs and electronic components, to the company to introduce major products and technologies, and to strengthen the network between customers through production facility tours.

This event is the first invitation event in four years since 2019 with more than 200 attendees from more than 130 overseas customers.Compared to the event held in 2019, before the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of participating companies and attendees increased by more than 20%.


At the event, Samsung Electro-Mechanics introduced technologies for key products of the Component Business Unit, such as MLCC and electronic components, and proposed customized solutions that can be applied to future technology trends such as automotive electronic components, industries, and next-generation IT products.In addition, Samsung Electro-Mechanics provided tours of the MLCC production lines so that customers could see the product manufacturing process with their own eyes, helping them to understand the products while showing off Samsung Electro-Mechanics' technological prowess.


Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to expand its network with major overseas customers to strengthen cooperation between customers, which has been cut off since COVID-19, and expand sales and identify potential customers through this.In particular, Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to raise the awareness of its automotive electronic component products in overseas markets by expanding its lineup of automotive electronic component products and strengthen strategic partnerships with automotive electronic component customers through regular exchanges.


In his welcome speech, Chang Duckhyun, CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics said that “Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a company that provides future solutions to customers by developing core technologies suitable for megatrends such as robots, metaverses, electric vehicles and autonomous driving, and new technologies that apply them,” and that “We will strengthen our business portfolio by continuously developing industry-leading IT products and expanding our automotive MLCC lineup while also expanding our electronic component business, such as power inductors.”

“This event will be an opportunity for customers to check Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ products and technologies and an opportunity to further enhance our position in the global market,” added CEO Chang Duckhyun.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been developing and producing MLCCs since 1988 and has the world's second largest market share in the IT sector. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is strengthening its lineup of high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-reliability electronic device products based on its technological prowess in the ultra-small and ultra-high-capacity MLCC sector, and is expanding its MLCC supply to global automotive component manufacturers and automobile manufacturers.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has newly established organizations dedicated to automotive electronic components in its major business divisions following the expansion of the automotive electronic components market to continuously develop technologies for automotive electronic components in areas such as MLCC, camera module, and semiconductor package substrate, and is expanding its business proportion.  


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Electronic components are core components of electronic devices along with MLCC, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics produces △ power inductors, △ tantalum, and △ chip resistors.

A power inductor is a component that stably supplies energy to semiconductors and controls abrupt fluctuations in current. Tantalum is used to remove signal noise in its surroundings using its electrical properties. A chip resistor lowers the voltage inside electronic circuits or keeps the current constant.

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