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Company 2023.09.20

Samsung Guide Dog School celebrates its 30th anniversary

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On September 19, a special event was held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Guide Dog School!


Established in 1993, the guide dog school has provided a total of 280 guide dogs, starting with the guide dog “Bada” in 1994, and currently there are 76 active guide dogs.


The event also celebrated the release of 8 guide dogs who have fully grown and been matched with their visually impaired partners, and the retirement of 3 guide dogs who have completed their service.


Please check out the video to see the hard work and dedication of so many people to make the world a warmer place through guide dogs.




Samsung's 30-year heartwarming journey with guide dogs: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO1_VHWfgPA

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