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Company 2023.12.19

A glimpse back at Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 2023

The year 2023 is coming to a close. Let’s take a look back at the past year and check out the highlights of Samsung Electro-Mechanics for 2023.


Focus on new products, new businesses

In March, Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced the development of a camera module equipped with the highest level of optical image stabilization (OIS) feature currently available. It is a concentration of core optical technologies for realizing 200-megapixel clear image quality and slim camera modules, and with the accumulated optical technologies, we are expanding our automotive camera module business for electric vehicles and autonomous driving etc.

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In May, we succeeded in developing the world’s highest-capacity MLCCs in terms of high-pressure MLCC applicable to electric vehicles. These products have the characteristics of 250V class 33nF (nanofarad) with low capacitance change rate according to temperature and 100V class 10µF (microfarad) for 125℃ and are the industry’s highest-capacity MLCCs in terms of high-pressure MLCC in the same voltage class. Each product is used in electric systems and LED headlamps, which are key devices for electric vehicles.

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In September, Samsung Electro-Mechanics mass-produced the industry’s first coupled power inductors that combine two power inductors into one. As CPUs become more advanced, they use more current, requiring power inductors with lower power losses.

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In addition, Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to develop various products such as camera modules for automated driving (ADAS), MLCCs, power inductors (PIs), and MLCCs for powertrains.



50th Anniversary of Samsung Electro-Mechanics

On November 1, Samsung Electro-Mechanics celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the time of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ founding, the technology level of the Korean electronics industry was barely capable of simple assembly. Take a closer look at the past 50 years of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which laid the foundation for the Korean electronic component industry, at the online history gallery on our official website.

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Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Commitment to Corporate Sustainability Management

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has established an ESG mission of “Sustainable Challenges for a Better Planet & Life” to practice sustainability management and strives to create future value by realizing environmental responsibility, pursuing the happiness of community members, and prioritizing sustainable growth, and in 2023, awards and certifications were received from various organizations. It was a year of recognition for Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ efforts in sustainability management.


In July, Samsung Electro-Mechanics joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and ‘Drive+’ (automotive electronic component supplier council) to promote ESG management in accordance with global standards. By joining the RBA, we will strengthen the application of the global Code of Conduct to our corporate management.

In February, Samsung Electro-Mechanics was included in the Platinum Club (highest rank) in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate change response assessment, and in August, we achieved the highest level for ‘Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL)’ for our entire domestic locations, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Thanks to our multifaceted efforts, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ sustainability management activities have been recognized by various rating agencies. In July, we were included in the FTSE4Good Index for 13 consecutive years, the longest-running inclusion in the domestic electronic components industry, and in December, we became the first Korean company to be named to the DJSI World Index for 15 consecutive years.


For more Samsung Electro-Mechanics news, please visit our newsroom. The Samsung Electro-Mechanics Newsroom will continue to deliver the latest news faster and more accurately. We wish you a healthy and joyous year in 2024.

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