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Semiconductor Package Tech & Career Forum

▶ Held “Tech & Career Forum” inviting talented master’s and doctorate researchers in the field of semiconductor package
- A platform for collaboration and exchange between industry and academics to enhance the technological competitiveness of materials and components and secure professional talent
- Introduction to major process technologies such as plating and materials, and hands-on experience of cutting-edge technologies including line tours



On May 24th, the Semiconductor Package T&C (Tech & Career) Forum took place at Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Busan business site, inviting talents with master’s or doctoral degrees in science and engineering in the field of semiconductor package.



At the forum, important R&D executives and researchers in the package field including Executive Vice President Kim Eungsoo, head of Package Solution Unit and Vice President Hwang Chiwon of Package Development Team of Samsung Electro-Mechanics were present to speak with gifted individuals face-to-face and share Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ future vision.

The forum was a productive time with a technical discussion session with Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ core R&D researchers that covered the full semiconductor package substrate technology including materials, design, and process.



The primary development executives of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ semiconductor package division attended the “Tech & Career Forum” with the goal of securing exceptional talent in the materials and components fields as well as introducing Korea’s best package technology and vision.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously investing in talent acquisition and development to become a “top-notch Tech Component company.”


Based on its technological superiority in high-multilayer, large-area, and micro-circuit implementation, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is dominating the semiconductor package substrate industry and is growing its product line to include future industrial fields such as servers/automotives.

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