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Products at a Glance

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is engaged in a variety of world-class businesses,
including chip parts, substrates, and camera and communications modules.

Products Information

Passive Component

Passive Components for the Electronics and IT Industries
  • MLCC(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors)

    MLCC act as a 'dam' that stores electricity and sends it out by certain amounts, controlling the current to flow consistently in a circuit and preventing electromagnetic interference between components.

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics continues to strive not only to develop IT devices such as smartphones, LED TVs and PCs, but also to develop MLCC for electronics that require higher reliability.

  • Inductor

    Inductors are key components applied to digital devices such as smartphones and help keep the supply voltage of chips and sensors stable.

  • Chip Resistor

    By limiting DC or AC, chip resistors are used to drop the voltage or maintain the current at a certain level inside an electronic circuit. 

  • Tantalum

    Tantalum capacitors are designed as chip-type products to
    ensure they can be surface-mounted. They perform electric
    charging and discharging, and remove noise.


Camera and Communication Module
  • Camera Module

    Camera modules provide the functionality for taking photos and videos using mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as on automobiles and smart home appliances.


Semiconductors, Modules and IT Devices
  • Package Substrate

    Package substrates, used for the core semiconductors of mobile devices and PCs, are high-density circuit boards containing microcircuits. These substrates transmit electric signals between semiconductors and the main board.

  • RFPCB(Rigid-Flexible Printed Circuit Board)

    An RF PCB consists of a rigid substrate and a flex substrate, and its excellent flexibility eliminates the need for connectors between modules, an advantage for miniaturization and weight lightening. It also possesses a high degree of freedom in design.