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We would like to introduce the company introduction video for Samsung Electro-Mechanics.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has revealed its 2020 company introduction video.
“Small moves the World, Samsung Electro-Mechanics”, that is, the statement implies that Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ small components create a greater world.
The video introduces key indicators, including its innovative technology, vision, and business overview, along with its global partnership, creative organizational culture, and social contribution activities, and it shows how everyone at Samsung Electro-Mechanics is working together at every moment in time that we meet, enjoy, and breathe which may not be visible to the human eye.  


In particular, through its innovative technology, it introduced Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ products and underlying advanced technology, including its 5G communication components, automotive camera modules, and MLCC, which harness unlimited potentials with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution era, which focuses on AI, IoT, 5G, and autonomous driving.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ company introduction video was created in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese versions.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the only comprehensive components company to have both passive components and boards, and module technology!
We ask for your continued interest in Samsung Electro-Mechanics as it continues to create a better world through technological innovation.


See Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ marketing video (https://youtu.be/AFnqiAII6m8