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Power Inductor


電源供給装置及び回路に採用されるインダクターで、Metal composite材料を用いて生産します。主に、特定の電圧を必要な電圧に

  • 安定的な電力供給

  • 低抵抗特性

Metal Composite

Metal Compositeタイプは、Metal Powderを基盤とするボディ材料と低抵抗のCuコイルで構成された製品で、コイルの製作
方式によって薄膜型、巻線型に分けられます。サムスン電機は、Metal Composite材料を使った高効率製品を持続的に開発し

  • High Current
  • Low Rdc


  • When you go to the Contact us on the main page or the Product page, you can ask questions about technologies and purchases by each region.  

  • 1) Searches can be done through Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ website > Product Search.

    2) Product searches can also be done through the Google search window. Input passive component P/N in the search window > Click on the ‘Samsung Electro-Mechanics : Product Information’ from among the search results > Relevant product page opened 

  • If the product you want has been discontinued, our website allows you to search for substitute products. For example, if you’re looking for a substitute for CL10A106MP8NNNC with the same size and capacity, you can follow these steps.


    1)First, you need to understand the Part Numbering System rules. If you don’t remember, click the question mark icon on the Product Search menu, and an information window about the Part Numbering System will pop up.

    2)The numeric values included in a Part Number indicate certain attributes.




    Size is indicated by the third and fourth digits in the number. '10' corresponds to 0603(1608), which means 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm. Capacity is indicated by the sixth through eighth digits. '106' means 6th power of 10×10; that is, 10,000,000 pF = 10.㎌.



    With the spec. information you gave, it is difficult to share the exact part.(need size tol and additional info.)

    I recommend you to use our web library.

    If you use our library below, you can select the model you want to check the electrical performance.



  • 1) Go to “Product Search,” and click on the tab for the product you want.

    2) Enter the Part Number (e.g., CLL5Z105MS3NLNH) to begin the search.

    3) When the search results are displayed, check the “Status” section to see if the product is in “Mass Production” or “Under Development.” In most cases, products not included in the search results are “Discontinued Products.” However, there are some products that are not displayed for other reasons. It would be a good idea to contact our staff to see if it has been discontinued.


    Request : http://www.samsungsem.com/global/support/contact-us/inquiry.do 

  • As the resistance value formed during DC current applied, it is indicated as a DCR or Rdc value. The DCR is the resistance value that occurs due to the coil of the inductor. In the device, losses occur due to the resistance value during DC applied(=efficiency decrease), And it affects operation loss as heat source, so when applying to the device, you must take into consideration the loss value and heat capacity by DC resistance.
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