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  • Do you want to check the DC bias features (valid capacitance) of a product?


    If you are curious about the DC bias features (valid capacitance), S-parameters (frequency features) based on DC voltage and temperature, or other features, please use the component library.


    The component library provides a “simulation” on electrical properties of passive components necessary for product development by researchers of application manufacturers.


    One can select the appropriate passive component without testing on a real product.


    Component Library >>


    You can check dc bias data of CL10A475KL8NRN model in our component library.


    1) Pleas enter 'CL10A475KL8NRN' in black [Part Number]

    2) Double-click the row of the model you want to select.

    3) Click the 'DC Bias' button in 'Graph Type' menu on the left.

    4) DC Bias graph is created in the new window and data can be checked or downloaded.



    We are introducing how to use the component library through video.


    Tutorial Video >>


  • 1.Searches can be done through Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ website > Products Search.

    2.Product searches can also be done through the Google search window. Input passive component P/N in the search window > Click on the ‘Samsung Electro-Mechanics : Product Information’ from among the search results > Relevant product page opened

  • ご希望の機種が廃番となった場合は、代替可能な製品があるかホームページで確認できます。 例えば、CL10A106MP8NNNCと同じサイズ・容量の代替品を探すには、


    1)まず、Part Numberのルールを知る必要があります。 Product Search画面で検索ボックスの上にあるクエスチョンマークのアイコンをクリックすれば、Part Numbering Systemの画面がポップアップします。

    2)元の製品のPart Numberを確認し、各桁に割り当てられている属性値を理解します。



    3・4桁目はサイズコードで「10」は0603(1608)を表しますので、横が1.6mm、縦(幅)が0.8mmということになります。 6~8桁目は容量コードで「106」は10x10の6乗、すなわち10000000pF=10㎌の値を意味します。




    With the spec. information you gave, it is difficult to share the exact part.(need size tol and additional info.)

    I recommend you to use our web library.

    If you use our library below, you can select the model you want to check the electrical performance.



  • 1)ホームページの「PRODUCTS」ページに移動した後、「Product Search」をクリックしてお探しの製品(タブ)を選択します。

    2)Part Numberを入力して検索します(例:CLL5Z105MS3NLNH)。

    3)検索結果が表示されたら、Status欄を見るとMass Production(大量生産中)、Under Development(開発中)などと表示されています。ここに表示されない製品は「廃番製品」と考えてほぼ間違いないでしょう。ただ、様々な理由で公開されない製品もありますので、担当者にお問い合わせいただくのが一番確実です。

    お問い合わせ : http://www.samsungsem.com/jp/support/contact-us/inquiry.do

  • サポート>お問い合わせの画面で、製品の技術や購入のお問い合わせが出来ます。 

  • Capacitance of High dielectric type MLCC gradually (logarithmic scale) decreses over time. It is a phenomenon that occurs to stabilize mechanically and electrically.




    MLCC using BaTiO3 as a dielectric with a Curie temperature(about 125℃) have Characteristics of decreasing capacitance as over time (Aging) and characteristics of recovering capacitance when it was heated above the Curie temperature These characteristics tend to have larger Aging constants for MLCCs using materials with higher relative dielectric constant.




    BaTiO3 with a polycrystalline structure forms domains in a direction that stabilizes electrically and mechanically over time. Through the heat treatment or soldering process, the dielectric grains are in high energy state. (Electrical energy due to polarization, mechanical energy (stress) due to lattice distortion) This indicates an increase(recover) in capacitance. On the other hand, a dipole rearrangement occurs to form domain structure in order to reduce(stabilize) the mechanical energy (stress) over time. the response to external AC electric field weakens and the capacitance decreases gradually.

    ※ Class I type MLCCs such as C0G do not have aging characteristics.

  • The lifetime of MLCCs is affected by temperature condition and the applied DC voltage condition, It can be expressed by the following acceleration equation.




    For example, the endurance test performed under 85ºC, 16V environment is an accelerated test equivalent to 2,374.16 times under 65ºC, 4V environment. MTTF (40pcs of test sample, 60% confidence level by MIL-STD-690, JIS C 5003) is 103,562,200h, FIT is estimated to be 9.656.

    Voltage acceleration factor (‘n’) and Temperature acceleration factor (‘Ea’) used in the equation differ by the type and structure of the ceramic material.


  • MSL( Moisture Sensitivity Level)はPlastic、IC部品に適用されます。MLCCは該当事項はありません。関連する国際規格を参照(J-STD-020B)してください。 

  • Unlike MLCC, Polymer Tantalum products have no changes in capacity based on DC-Bias or high temperature environments, and are outstanding at reducing acoustic noise. 

  • Polymer Tantalum does not have an oxidizer, so it is strong against being Burnt.