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Samsung Electro-Mechanics introduces MLCC growth potential and competitiveness


Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced “Automotive MLCC technology outlook” at the “Tech Week 2020 Live” hosted by the Electronic Times. Haeseok Chung, Executive Director and Development Team Leader for Industrial Automotive MLCC, foresaw that “The future MLCC market will be led by the automotive sector” and introduced Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ technology and strategy together.


MLCC blocks unnecessary signals within electronic devices, and similar to a dam, MLCC is a component that supplies stable electricity within the device and is a necessity for almost all electronic devices. Until now, it had been installed in portable mobile devices, such as smart phones and laptops, but recently, it has begun to receive spotlight within the automotive market in accordance with an increase in semiconductors that process information within the vehicle following the advancement of technology, such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. In particular, the utilization rate of MLCC has been increasing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Electronic Control Units (ECU).


Because automotive are closely linked to the life of an individual, a high level of reliability and durability are necessary for automotive MLCC.

Mr. Chung explained, “In order to respond to harsh environments in terms of temperature, voltage, vibration, or humidity, the usage of ceramic materials that can withstand high temperature and high voltage is necessary along with strong structure through improvement in microstructure control technology and vibration/moisture tolerance characteristics, meticulous design, and material technology”. 

Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to target the automotive market by developing/manufacturing MLCC core materials, internalizing equipment, and strengthening production capabilities. To achieve this, it plans to construct an automotive-exclusive material factory at its Busan business site for new type development and material innovation, and operate an automotive MLCC mass production base in Tianjin, China.


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