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Samsung Electro-Mechanics participates in Electronica


◆ SEMCO participates in Electronica 2020 to promote cutting-edge electronic components
◆ Electronica 2020 is switched to an online virtual exhibition due to COVID-19
◆ SEMCO will be communicating with customers and promoting products in virtual conferences and forums



Samsung Electro-Mechanics is preparing an online exhibition hall at the ‘Electronica 2020’ held in Germany from November 9 to 12, showcasing cutting-edge electronic components.


Electronica is the world’s largest bi-annual electronic components exhibition, and this year is its 29th opening. At the exhibition, you will be able to see various hardware and software solutions in the field of electronic components, as well as future trends in the electronic parts market.


This exhibition will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with conferences and forums in various fields, not only in electronic components but also in areas such as automotive products, medical products, and wireless.


SEMCO introduced its main products such as MLCC, camera modules, substrates, and next-generation electronic components through videos and online contents. Also, SEMCO will be participating in various conferences and forums to communicate with customers and promote its products. 


SEMCO’s online booth in Electronica 2020 is available at  https://bit.ly/3eFFXmD