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Samsung Electro-Mechanics website implements chatbot service


- Chatbot helps quick and easy usage of the website
- Applied to component products, including MLCCs and inductors


The Samsung Electro-Mechanics website has now launched a chatbot service.
Through this implemented chatbot service, website visitors will be able to find the information they are looking for more easily and quicker.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has applied its chatbot service for component products, including MLCC and chip inductors that many customers inquire on.
Customers will be able to receive quick responses to various inquiries, including component and product inquiries, technical inquiries, component library, and product search.


[Samsung Electro-Mechanics chatbot service usage notification]
On the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website, the chatbot icon is located in the lower right-hand corner of product information.
When clicking on the chatbot icon, users will be greeted with a welcome message and will be able to select a category. (Category: Product inquiry/technical inquiry/other inquiries/new functions)
After selecting a category, as users click through the menus, they will be introduced to a URL to a page that has all of the requested information, and when they click on the URL, it will be over.


Once the user has received the desired response, he or she can close the consultation, and should there be any more inquiries, the user can return to “Start” or “Previous Stage” and open a new consultation.
The Samsung Electro-Mechanics chatbot service will only be active when the user is accessing the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website.
Please try using the chatbot service that has been implemented and provide proactive feedback.
We will continue to improve the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website to help improve the convenience of our users.