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April in Samsung Electro-Mechanics History


​Established in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the technological foundation for the components industry in Korea and has grown into a leading global core electronics component developer and manufacturer. With its 48 years of history, let us travel through the history of Samsung Electro-Mechanics from 1973 to today in the months of April.


ㅣ1984 Organizational Restructuring with Introduction of Business Units
Since its establishment, Samsung Electro-Mechanics carried out its largest organizational restructuring on April 1, 1984. This was to optimize management efficiency for each business unit by taking into consideration the variety of items in accordance with the growth of the organization through business expansion and launch of new businesses. The individual business unit system was established to accurately communicate the company’s guidance and objectives to every single employee while at the same time set and achieve each individual’s target.



Sample of business unit notes and pages per individual


ㅣ1988 990 Strategy Deployment for Quality Innovation
In April 1988, with the purpose of eliminating manufacturing process defects and establishing a perfect quality assurance system, it carried out the 990 Strategy to the company’s entire manufacturing and quality business units. This activity, which aimed to target process defect rate by 90% over 9 months, was carried out until January 11, 1989. During this period, the company operated defect night markets twice a month as well as operated a focus process indication system and presentation for good and poor practices. As a result, it achieved an improvement in quality by 55.5%, and reduced failure cost by 53.3% and process defect rate by 6.5%.

ㅣ1995 Automotive Components Business Conference
After Samsung Group’s automotive and components business was officially launched, in 1993, Samsung Electro-Mechanics also began to prepare its automotive components business focusing on electronic control and automotive parts within the Motor Business Unit. In April 1995, it hosted an automotive components business conference and began to accept applications for partner companies.


Automotive components business conference to publicly seek partner companies


ㅣ2006 Camera Module Development
In April 2006, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the world’s thinnest two-million-pixel camera module. With thickness of 4.5mm, which broke the 5mm wall, this module used two million pixels with 7.8×8.0×4.5 (width×height×thickness), making it the thinnest product in the world at the time. Due to optical limitations of lenses, the camera module cannot be made infinitely small as it may result in a distortion of the image. At the time, the company succeeded in developing ultra slim camera modules through differentiated internal circuits, design structures, and manufacturing methods in addition to faster speed in line with the ultra slim mobile phone trends.


ㅣ2017 Construction of new factory for Samsung Electro Mechanics Philippines Corp. (SEMPHIL)
The new factory for the SEMPHIL, established in 1997, was completed in April 2017. The SEMPHIL manufactured MLCC, which was deemed the “industrial rice”, and with the completion of a new factory, it was able to strengthen business competitiveness by operating highly efficient and innovative lines. The SEMPHIL also received various awards, including the Hall of Fame Award for being one of the largest employers in the Philippines from the PEZA*.
* PEZA: Philippine Economic Zone Authority


View of Philippines branch