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Samsung Electro-Mechanics holds the 48th-anniversary ceremony

▶ Encouraged employees through performances and awards in celebration of the founding anniversary
▶ Special awards given to employees who practiced the core value RiGHT and teams that created a culture of mutual respect
▶ CEO Kyung Kyehyun said, “Let's make a top growth company that everyone wants to work with” 


Samsung Electro-Mechanics (CEO Kyung Kyehyun) held a ceremony to commemorate the 48th anniversary of its founding at the Suwon Plant on November 1.
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the ceremony was attended by only a few people, including CEO Kyung Kyehyun and the award winners, while employees at offices in Suwon, Busan, and Sejong joined the ceremony through live streaming.
In commemoration of its 48th anniversary, Samsung Electro-Mechanics praised the hard work of its employees through celebratory performances, various awards, and a lucky draw.
This year, Samsung Electro-Mechanics prepared a special award. Previously, awards were given to employees with outstanding performance, but this time, the company also recognized employees who made efforts to change the organizational culture.
The "Precious Leader Award" and "Precious Colleague Award" were presented based on the evaluation of the team leader's upward evaluation, peer evaluation, and the number of compliments received, and the "Respect for All Award" honored the teams that actively used honorifics to build a culture of mutual respect.
The awards ceremony was also held in a joyful atmosphere so that employees can celebrate together rather than in a formal and traditional mood. Colleagues sent their witty congratulatory messages to the winners in a commemorative video while the winners delivered their acceptance speeches in the form of a presentation.

At the anniversary ceremony, CEO Kyung Kyehyeon said, "At last year's event, we announced the mission and vision of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. I am grateful for our employees who have brought about various positive changes including improved earnings by practicing RiGHT (Respect all, Integrity first, Growth mind, Harmony with, Technology for Great). Let's make Samsung Electro-Mechanics a global top growth company where I want to work and everyone wants to work with, and a company that brings excitement to everyone."

Samsung Electro-Mechanics was established in 1973 to localize electronic components and began to produce TV parts (tuners, deflection coils, high-voltage transformers) in earnest. The company that started with 900 employees and KRW 78 million in revenue has now grown into a global company with 11,500 employees in Korea and 25,000 employees overseas, generating approximately KRW 8 trillion in revenue at three domestic production sites and five overseas production subsidiaries.

 ※ Revenue and operating income of Samsung Electro-Mechanics for the past 3 years



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