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Ham Dongsu, a top expert in lens manufacturing technology, selected as Samsung Master

▶1 Samsung Master and 4 Maestros selected for 2022
▶The Samsung Master honor went to Ham Dongsu with 27 years of experience
in lens manufacturing technology
▶The number of Maestros, manufacturing experts, increased to 4 people from
last year


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has selected one Samsung Master and four Maestros and presented them with certification plaques.
Ham Dongsu, leader of Lens Manufacturing Technology Group, was selected as Samsung Master, while Cho Myungrae, leader of Infrastructure Team, Sim Gyuhyeon, leader of Package Sejong Manufacturing Technology Group, Professional Lee Sangpyo of Component Raw Material Group, and Professional Choi Taeil of Testing Technology Group took the Maestro title.
ㅣLens manufacturing technology expert Ham Dongsu named as Samsung Master

The "Samsung Master" certification recognizes employees who have honed their skills and techniques to the level of an artisan with at least 20 years in a manufacturing-related field that requires technical expertise and know-how as top experts. Samsung Electro-Mechanics introduced the Samsung Master certification in 2020 to increase on-site technological competitiveness and nurture top technology experts, and has selected Samsung Masters in various fields each year.


This year, group leader Ham Dongsu took the honor of Samsung Master. Master Ham Dongsu, a lens technology expert who has worked in the field of lens manufacturing technology for 27 years since joining Samsung Electro-Mechanics in 1994, has led innovation in the overall manufacturing process and the lens production line setup in Korea and Vietnam.


Master Ham led the construction of the lens mass production line when the Vietnamese production base was established in 2015, and contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of the lens and camera module business through yield stabilization and capacity expansion. He is also leading lens technology innovation by succeeding in the mass production of the world's first 7P lens, and is helping eliminate lens defects and overcome the limitations of manufacturing through research on next-generation techniques.
ㅣThe number of Maestros increased to 4 people from last year

The "Maestro" certification is given to semi-masters with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing-related fields.


This year, a total of four Maestros were selected: Maestro Cho Myungrae, who contributed to a number of construction and infrastructure projects such as Raw Material Building and Automotive MLCC Plant in Busan; Sim Gyuhyeon, who contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of package substrates by implementing microcircuits; Maestro Lee Sangpyo, an expert in MLCC dielectric powder synthesis and dispersion technology; and maestro Choi Taeil, who has optical inspection equipment expertise and technology leadership.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to nurture technical experts in the manufacturing sector to enhance its technological competitiveness. 


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