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Samsung Electro-Mechanics holds the 3rd Culture Fair to promote employee participation in building organizational culture

▶At Samsung Electro-Mechanics' Culture Fair, employees share and disseminate best organizational culture practices
- 41 teams from domestic operations participated and presented their unique activities to improve organizational culture
- The company works to improve its organizational culture through benchmarking of best practices and active communication
▶CEO Chang Duckhyun emphasized the importance of the active participation and efforts of all employees for organizational culture transformation


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has held Culture Fair 2022 to share examples and experiences of teams that showed excellent organizational culture over the past year.

At Samsung Electro-Mechanics Culture Fair, each department head presents their organizational culture activities and results for the past year. A total of 41 teams participated in this year's Culture Fair event, and 3 teams advanced to the finals through preliminary and main rounds. At the finals, team members' passionate cheering for their team leader created a festive mood.


Chang Duckhyun, CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, said at the event, “The key to growing a company is its people, that is, its employees. To drive employee growth, the company should provide capacity building training based on autonomous organizational culture." He also stressed the need for change in organizational culture, saying, “I think we can rapidly transform our organizational culture with the active participation and efforts of all employees, including myself.”


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